The beautiful island of Tahiti

Tahiti It is an island that belongs to the French Polynesia. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, it is made up of two portions of land connected by the isthmus of Taravao. Tahiti Nui or Greater Tahiti, we find it to the northeast and Tahiti Iti or Little Tahiti, we find it to the southeast. The country, of course, is dedicated almost exclusively to exploiting tourism. Papeete is the capital.


On the island, the nearly 180,000 inhabitants speak so much French how Tahitian. Although it is part of French Polynesia, it has a semi-autonomy compared to France. It has its own President, its own Assembly, laws and budget. France is responsible for sending subsidies, security and education. Oscar Temaru, current president of French Polynesia, wants total independence for Tahiti. However, only 20% of the population agrees.

Sunset in Tahiti

The main sources of income for the country are tourism and the sale of black pearls. Most of these are exported to the United States, Japan and Europe. Tourism is concentrated mainly in Bora Bora (in the northwest of Tahiti) and in Moorea (also in the northwest, it is considered the sister island).

Tahiti beach

Places of interest you cannot miss

- Motu Picnic
- Excursion to see the sharks
- Mandara Spa
- Université de la Polynésie Française
- Fesitval de Heiva (In Papeete)
- Cruise on the «Paul Gauguin»

Mandara Spa

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