Malta, a magical low cost place

Beaches, megalithic monuments, quasi-desert areas, Mediterranean food top quality and, above all, a more than affordable price. All that and much more offers us malt, a little archipelago off the African coast and that constitutes a peculiar mixture between the italian cultures, Anglo-Saxon (since they were a British colony) and Tunisian.

Located in southern Italy and northern Libya, its good climate and the hospitality of its people make it an exceptional destination for those who want to discover a new culture without spending too much time (or money).

Three main islands, Malta, Cumin and Gozo, are the main attractions. Of all of them, Malta is the most important. It is where all the official organisms are located. Beware of the area of ​​Malta that is chosen. Most travel agencies offer accommodation in the area of Sliema or St. Paul, of little attraction but with luxurious hotels and widely dedicated to tourism. It is much more interesting to look for accommodation in La Valletta and, from there, move to where necessary.

Focus our point of operations on The Valletta It has great importance, since it is the starting point of almost all bus lines and, since many of us do not like driving in the opposite direction and, also, the roads are very bad, it is better to be seduced by the charm of the Old American buses from the 60s and 70s, pay a few cents, and move around the interior and the coasts on them.

To this we must add that, if we stay in the "recommended" areas, we will have little opportunity to know the beauty of the Maltese streets and their people. Malta is a city with tradition, the cradle of Order of the Knights of Malta and of great fortifications of the British era.

If we are looking for beach and water activities, it is very important to keep in mind that Malta continues to be a very Catholic country, where not only is divorce prohibited, but putting yourself in 'top less' is a crime. So better to use suitable bathing suits if we do not want to take any displeasure. Smoking in bars is also prohibited, however, many hoteliers skip the norm because the losses are greater than the cost of bribing the police.

For those who like art, the temples of Ggantija (Joy) or Tarxien (Malta) are two incomparable options. For the stray, interested in Maltese life and customs, better to walk around The Valletta, or Rabat (also called Mdina and ancient capital of the archipelago). No wonder that in Mdina the traveler feels a certain similarity with cities like Salamanca ... the architect of most of the monuments belonged to the same school and, despite not possessing the hardness of the stone of Villamayor, the blocks used for construction resemble charros in terms of size, appearance and color.

While malt It does not stand out for its beaches, except for some hidden places and the tumultuous Meliehah, the coast is spectacular. Do not forget to visit Blue Grotto, or any of the multiple fishing villages, especially Marsaxlokk or the 3 cities (Vittoriosa, Senglea and Conspicua). Each and every one of them has its charm.

That's not to mention the seascapes, especially in Gozo, the island where Calypso "kidnapped" Ulysses. No wonder he didn't want to go back. The Blue Lagoon, with crystal clear turquoise waters and the landscape in general, is not to be missed.

As for eating, in Malta there is no problem. We recommend its native beers and wines, fresh fish, cheeses and vegetables in general.. Most of the restaurants offer good food at affordable prices and it is possible to buy fruit as a snack at any of the street stalls.

Quite an unforgettable experience if you forget the tourist hotels, the scheduled trips and the packed beaches. The best, go your own way, buy a guide to Malta before going and choose the proposal that best suits your concerns. Because in Malta there is fun for all tastes, even at night. It is not difficult to find the gear, you just have to follow the sound of the music.

The Island of GOZO - MALTA (May 2022)

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