Cuba, a country to the rhythm of 'cha-cha-chá'

The Republic of Cuba It is a country of America, settled in an archipelago of the sea of Antilles. To the north are U.S Y Bahamas, to West Mexicoto the south Cayman Islands Y Jamaica and to the southeast Haiti, in the west of the island of Hispaniola, shared with the Dominican Republic.

The country, one of the last where communism survives under the regime of Fidel Castro, has never been excessively prone to tourism. However, the treatment given by Cubans to tourists who visit their country is the most friendly we can imagine.
Cuba is undoubtedly one of the quietest countries in the world. Under that tranquility, we can find a spectacular living nature that emanates from every corner we visit. The beaches are the biggest claim for any tourist.

What better than to enjoy 'Cha Cha Cha' while you smoke a cigar under a palm tree. That must be thought by many of those who return from Cuba with a smile from ear to ear. Cuba is a country that leaves its mark on everyone who visits it, not only for its people and its beauty, but also for the economic cost of spending a vacation there.

What to visit?

In the Havana city We can find a great variety of museums, theaters and festivals, in addition to a mix of architectural styles.
In Killings We can delight ourselves with its white sand beaches and crystal clear water that will make us get out of the most wrinkled of water. In addition, it is also ideal for practicing all kinds of water sports.
In the Isle of Youth we will be able to see beautiful sea beds, the number one cave of Punta del Este and the beach of Bibijagua, of black sands, where Fidel Castro spent his days as a revolutionary prisoner.

What can't you miss?

Every year a Cultural week. This is developed with music, regional cuisine and crafts. It is worth approaching one of them.
The Carnival It is undoubtedly the star party in Cuba. The most important is that of Santiago de Cuba, which is celebrated every year between July 25 and 27.
In Havana you cannot miss the Saturday of the rumba and the workshops on folk Cuba, organized every week by the National Folkloric Group.

Food, drinks and cigarettes

The cuisine is highly appreciated by everyone who visits Cuba. It is based on the roast pork, beans, banana and rice.
We can recommend sweet potato, a delicious sweet pasta. Dishes such as "Moors and Christians" and "La Malanga" are also worthwhile, the latter somewhat unusual for those who are not used to it.

The outstanding drinks par excellence are the famous Cuban rum and the guarapo (made from the juice of the squeezed sugar cane).
The beer Cuban is very good, from the lightest (Cristal) to the strongest (Hatuey). Between the spirits highlights the guayavita del pinar, guava-based. Nor should we forget Mojito (national cocktail that can be seen in the image) or the Free Cuba.

Finally, you cannot leave Cuba without trying a Cuban cigar. We recommend that you buy them in hotels, where they are cheaper than in factories. Buying them on the street is risking buying poor quality cigars. The most recognized brand is Cohiba, the name with which the Taíno indigenous people called tobacco.

Other information about Cuba

Most populous city: Havana city
Official language: Spanish
Total area: 110,860 km2
Costs: 3735 km
Population: 11,382,820 inhabitants
Currency: Cuban peso (CUP) and Cuban convertible peso (CUC)
Telephone prefix: +53
Capital: Havana city
Ranking in world GDP: Position number 87

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