Free tapas bars in Barcelona

As we have already told you on numerous occasions, Barcelona It is a city with a lot to offer the traveler: beaches, mountains, museums, modernist buildings, important monuments, nightlife ... Of course, we must also highlight its gastronomy. Of course, unlike many other corners of Spain, serving you a free tapa with the drink is not very common. And that if you can find bars with good tapas, although paying.

Although finding free tapas bars is a difficult task, it is not impossible. In fact, today Hard Hobbit To Break We want to tell you about eight places that have embraced this custom of Madrid and many corners of Andalusia. Would you like to join us?

Cal Chusco

First of all, we want to talk about Cal Chusco, which is located on Calle Almirall Aixada, in Barceloneta. This place is a benchmark when it comes to free tapas. Although there are many tapas with which they can give you (ham, chistorra, omelette, homemade croquettes ...), the truth is that they are specialists in brave. Also, you should know that they offer a lunch menu with homemade food.

Bad Cat

Gatamala, a small bar for drinks and youthful atmosphere that offers tight prices and tapas, could not miss on this list generous. One of the things we like about this site is that they have a blackboard on which they draw pictures to announce the tapas that are served. It is located on Rabassa street, in the Gràcia neighborhood.

Bad Cat


Also in Gràcia we find the Raspall bar, whose label is made from bottles of beer placed upside down. For about two euros you can accompany the drink with a wide variety of tapas: hamburgers, potato omelette, tabouleh, vegetable pie, croquettes, meatballs ... Beyond the food, we must highlight its decoration and, especially, its lamps.

Angelitos Cafe

We return to Barceloneta, and more specifically to Almirall Cervera street, to tell you about the Café de los Angelitos, a cocktail bar serving signature tapas. It pays tribute to the emblematic café in Buenos Aires that bears the same name. Of course, in Barcelona you can enjoy a free tapa with each drink until 10 at night.

Lolo House

On the Avenida de Josep Tarradellas, next to the Sants station, we find the Casa Lolo restaurant, a local Galician with a calm and familiar atmosphere that offers a great selection of fresh tapas of the day. Of course, you should know that you first have to order the tapa and then they bring you a free drink.

La Xula Tapería

It is also worth discovering La Xula Tapería, which is located in the Gràcia neighborhood. This establishment perfectly reflects the effervescence madrileña of the reed and cap. And although it is characterized by creative cuisine in tapas format, you can also find classic dishes: oxtail, snails, cap and squid ...


The Capritxo

We continue our tour of Barcelona in the Sants neighborhood, a bar run by Araceli, a woman from Jerez de la Frontera who offers excellent fish. In fact, for every drink you take you can enjoy a cover of anchovies, whiting, squid strips, corn, shrimp ... And for just 2 euros!

Mayo House

Finally, and knowing that we have good free tapas bars in the pipeline, we want to talk about Casa Mayo, which is also located in the Sants neighborhood. It is a Galician bar where they serve a spike quality for each rod. And although the decoration is quite simple and austere, the products are usually fresh.

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