11 reasons to visit Navarra

Autumn is an ideal time to visit northern Spain and, more specifically, Navarre, where the Irati Forest is located, one of the most beautiful forests on the peninsula. In reality, Navarra is a kingdom of natural and cultural diversity that will surprise you, especially considering that it is a small community. And here you will find landscapes of great contrasts, traditions, languages, a diverse and rich artistic legacy ...

Have we still not convinced you that visiting Navarra is an excellent option? Well then we give you 11 reasons to know this green and beautiful land!

San Fermin

As it could not be otherwise, we are going to start by talking about San Fermín, “the party of all parties”, which takes place in Pamplona. Since the "chupinazo”Explodes on July 6, thousands of people from all over the world flood the city, which is tinged with white and red. The only time of day that the party is held is the running of the bulls. Of course, you should know that throughout the year there are other celebrations that dot Navarre's geography.

San Fermin

A kingdom with history

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that the history of Navarra is fruitful. All stages (Romanization, Navarrese and French dynasties, the Caroline wars ...) have left their imprint in the landscapes, in the towns and in the artistic heritage.


We also want to highlight Pamplona, ​​a city founded by the Romans that is crossed by the Camino de Santiago. Beyond being known by the Sanfermines, Pamplona is a city modern and cozy that allows you to walk among centuries-old walls and cobbled streets, rest in parks and terraces, savor delicious pinchos, visit monuments with history ...


Land of traditions

It is also important to note that Navarra is a land rich in legends, traditions ancestral and popular festivals, such as the Javierada, which takes place in March; Almadia Day, which is celebrated in early May; or Easter, which is lived with special fervor.

An amazing nature

Another reason to visit Navarra is its nature, which is exciting. It houses from the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees to the arid Bardenas Reales, passing through evergreen valleys or colorful forests, such as the impressive Irati Forest.


Gateway to the Camino de Santiago

Another aspect to keep in mind is that Navarra is the gateway to the Camino de Santiago on the peninsula. In fact, two great tracks go through it.

Products of the earth

We cannot speak of Navarra without mentioning the products of this land: the vegetables from the Ribera; foies, mushrooms and flavored meats; red, rosé and white wines with DO Navarra and Rioja; delicious desserts ... Of course, we must highlight the pintxos, especially those that can be enjoyed in the old case of Pamplona.


Looking at the future

On the other hand, we want to comment that, although in Navarra they love their roots, they also look to the future, having the sustainability In the spotlight. In fact, they are pioneers in renewable energy, medicine, education ...

Destination slow tourism

Another reason to visit Navarra is that it is a destination slow tourism. Thus, it is an ideal place for travelers quiet, that is, those who enjoy good times and contemplation.


Authentic and supportive people

We should also talk about Navarrese and Navarrese, who are authentic and supportive people, as well as sincere, something stubborn and welcoming. Of course, its characters differ from north to south, as does the climate, landscapes or gastronomy.

Well-valued accommodation

Lastly, we would like to comment that Navarra's accommodation is highly valued. In fact, here you will find a great offer of quality, which includes rural houses, large capacity hotels, small charming hotels, camping sites, hostels ...

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