Free plans in Florence

As you probably already know if you are a regular reader of Hard Hobbit To Break, for us Florence It is one of the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe. It has many ingredients that make it attractive, starting with the majesty and beauty that it exhibits through its ancient buildings.

In the capital of Tuscany, which is a city that invites you to explore its streets on foot, you can carry out a series of free plans that make visiting it cheaper than we might think. I am going to talk about those plans below, so take note and enjoy Florence without having to reach for your purse or wallet.

Markets you can't miss

In Florence there are up to four free markets that may interest you depending on what your interests are. Lovers of antiques and crafts are cited at the Mercato delle Pulci (in the Piazza dei Ciompi); those who look for fresh products go to Mercato di San Lorenzo (next to the Duomo); those who go out to dinner move around the Mercato Centrale looking for street food and good music; while those who go big show themselves by him Mercato delle CascineIt is the most extensive in Florence and you can find everything.

The best views

It is a classic among free plans. Enjoying the best views from a city does not cost money (unless you go to an Empire State Building) and often involves being surrounded by nature, which is always good news. In Florence, the most popular viewpoints are the Piazzale Michelangelo, that of the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte (quite high and less frequented by tourists) and that of the Boboli gardens.

The Arno river goes a long way

Having a river as beautiful as the Arno, it is clear that something can be done in its vicinity without spending money. The most recommended plan, especially if you are traveling as a couple and are looking for a romantic moment, is to contemplate a sunset walking through the lungarni, which are the streets that border the river.

In summer you can also go to the call Spiaggia sull’Arno, which is a small extension of land connected to the Arno river that allows you to be on the beach with sunbeds, a beach bar, music and good cocktails.

Gardens that fall in love

Another plan to be considered is to approach one of the gardens found in Florence. The one in all the maps highlighted is the one of the Boboli gardens, but you should also go to the Giardino delle Rose (Rose Garden), which is in Oltrano (just below Piazzale Michelangelo) and is a gift for the senses, since you will be able to see the striking colors of the flowers or breathe in the aroma given off by its lemon trees, at the same time also stop to taste some works of art.

Spectacular religious buildings

As it could not be otherwise, one of the free plans that can not miss on the agenda of tourists traveling to Florence is to see religious shrines like its churches, most of which are free to visit. That is so even for the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which we also know as Duomo. Of course, be patient because in the typical weeks of vacation the most common thing is to queue long to access.

More worthwhile churches? The Basilica of Santa Maria and the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. In the latter the writer vanished Stendhal overwhelmed by so much beauty. You will have to pay something to access it, but it will seem soon after seeing everything inside.

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