Plans with children in Tenerife

Tenerife It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. There are few who dare to visit the Canary Islands to be seduced by its charms, which are not few. In fact, it is an ideal place to spend a vacation with children, since there are several plans that satisfy both parents and children.

Here are five plans that you should consider if you are going to spend a few days of relax and fun on the island. Take note!

Go to the beach

It is an inescapable plan. Although Tenerife is not much less than Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza, it has the odd beach of fine white sand It is worth visiting with children. La Caleta, Varadero, Playa del Duque, Los Cristianos, Las Vistas, Playa Grande, Playa Candelaria ... There is no excuse not to enjoy a day at the beach running away from the stones and black sand.

Small town

It is in the Orotava Valley and is a very fun theme park, as it is made up of a series of very well made models that make children feel like giants. Historical monuments, the port, the airport, caves, El Teide ... The tour goes a long way and is very realistic. You can go from 10 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.

Small town

Parrot park

It is a very famous park for obvious reasons. The wildlife and the flora They amaze visitors from the first minute, while highlighting their programs for the recovery of abused animals and the reintroduction of endangered species into their natural habitat. There is also an aquarium and a place where penguins enjoy in conditions very similar to those of Antarctica.

Museum of Science and Cosmos of La Laguna

Culture also has a place in Tenerife. A good plan is to visit the Science and Cosmos Museum of La Laguna, where children can experience one of the best planetary from the country. It is a specialized astrophysics center where children will have many questions. Questions that, by the way, will hardly be answered by parents.


The Cave of the Wind

It's about a 17 kilometer volcanic tube which today is the fifth largest cavity of this type. It is a place that imposes and that allows you to know many things that you did not know thanks to guided tours.


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