Tips for saving on vacation accommodation

You still haven't left holidays Why do you think prices are skyrocketing? It is true that it is increasingly difficult to go on vacation, but it is no less true that you can save a lot of money on accommodation if you make good decisions.

So you know what we mean and you can get away for a few days while spending as little as possible, we recommend you pay attention to what we tell you in this article, which as you will see includes a infographic very useful that you should read carefully.

Bet on low season dates

The central weeks of August are usually the most expensive of the year. It is when more people take vacations and that makes hotel rooms always busy (law of supply and demand). Therefore, if what you want is to spend less and earn peace of mind, opt for low season weeks such as those of June or those of September, months in which you can also enjoy the good summer weather. Prices change more than you can imagine, saving you up to 41 euros in Spain, 62 euros in France, 32 euros in Italy and 40 euros in the United Kingdom. Sounds good, right?

Choose a cheap destination

Traveling to another continent is fantastic because you usually get to know new cultures, and you can even be pleasantly surprised to see that in countries like Thailand You can stay in a five-star hotel for less than 50 euros.

In Europe we find that staying in Spain, Russia, Ukraine or Romania is relatively cheap, while staying in France or Switzerland is rather prohibitive. There are also intermediate destinations such as Italy, where it is possible to find bargains, or the United Kingdom, where there are great differences between staying in a big city or in a town.


Book the hotel in advance

As is often the case with flights, booking a hotel in advance is usually synonymous with cheaper prices. We always recommend doing it in January at the latestAlthough it is true that many people do not know what days they will have on vacation until they sit down to talk to their bosses and coworkers.

In such cases, it is a good idea to book a hotel that allows you to cancel the stay without losing money, since you can modify the arrival and departure dates if any problem arises.

Although hotels tend to be cheaper when booked in advance, it is also sometimes possible to benefit from last minute bargains. If the objective is to achieve 100% occupancy, some owners are willing to offer very attractive prices to give out rooms that will be left empty due to last minute cancellations.


Compare prices

By now you have surely seen the typical ad a lot of times that recommends you compare prices from different hotel websites in a metasearch engine as Trivago. It is the fastest and cheapest way to find the best price, although we have to say that you don't always get the best rate. It has happened to us more than once that by accessing the hotel's website we have managed to book at a more attractive price. It stands to reason that this is because search engines get their commission, so they have little to lose from the sale.

Stay away from the center

We all like to be in the center, close to the most important buildings and monuments of a city. It is the most comfortable and the most economical in terms of travel, since you can walk to almost all places. However, that comfort comes at a price, and unfortunately it's not usually the lowest. Booking in the center or near the center increases the final price of the reservation.

If you don't mind walking away from the center because you find a hotel that is good comunicatedA good tip is to bet on a remote neighborhood or a nearby town to save. This is what is happening more and more in Barcelona, ​​where some tourists prefer to stay in towns like Badalona, ​​which is very well connected to Barcelona by Metro, bus and train, and which also has cleaner beaches than those of Barcelona.


Rate the all-inclusive option

From the outset we tend to think that an all-inclusive is very expensive, but at the moment of truth it is usually the cheapest option. Why? Because eating and dining out is not cheap. You spend a lot of money, especially if you go with children. Hence, many families opt for an apartment or look favorably on half-board accommodation. If the all-inclusive does not succeed so much, it is because it binds you to always be close to the hotel so you don't skip a meal or a dinner. If you do, it gives you the feeling that you have thrown the money.

Check the cancellation policy

Reading the cancellation policy of a hotel is most important.It is almost always cheaper to book the same hotel when the cancellation policy is restrictive. By this I mean that canceling for any reason and at any time they charge you the entire reservation. At the other extreme is free cancellation, which usually is up to 24 or 48 hours before from the entrance to the hotel.

Ask for a quick loan

Thanks to companies like Viaconto traveling to any destination is easier. Why? Because it grants you immediate loans so you can travel carefree. The application process is very agile and they give you an answer via SMS. If they approve it they send you a verification code, but it can also happen that they reject it for not meeting a minimum of requirements.

When the loan is granted and you accept the terms and conditions of the Viaconto service, you only have to choose the quantity What do you want to receive (between 50 and 300 euros) and in how many days are you going to return it (between 7 and 30 days). The calculator that you will find on their website automatically calculates the amount that you will have to return including interest, in addition to the maturity date of the loan.


14 Tips To Save Money on Your Vacation Accommodation- Travel More, Spend Less! (August 2022)

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