Anguilla Island, an exclusive paradise in the Caribbean

The Caribbean It is an ideal area to enjoy a good vacation. Its various territories make it a destination to rest and be comfortable in its crystal clear beaches Y calm down, practice water sports or tour the different islands to discover their charms, among other options. Within the Caribbean, there are areas that are more popular, but others are less visited and also, perhaps, less known. Is about Anguilla Island, which is one of the most peaceful and quiet places that can be found not only in the Caribbean, but in the world. Furthermore, the tourism is very checked because it is a destination that could be defined as exclusive.

Her charms

Anguilla Island is the principal of the archipelago from which it takes its name and, precisely, is named for its Extended form. In addition, it is an island that is quite flat in surface in which it is curious that there are no rivers, although there are some salty lagoons.

If you do not know the island, and by locating it geographically, we explain that it is close to Puerto Rico, about 250 kilometers at most, and north of the Windward Islands. Is a small island, since its length is 26 kilometers and its width is 5 kilometers.

This small size does not make it free of charms. And one of its main ones is its Beaches. In addition, there are a total of 33. They are all small coves where you can breathe great peace and tranquility.

And that's not all because they are in dream locations, thanks to the crystalline waters, the White sand and fine that almost looks like dust and the villas in it that are surrounded by nature.

Another reason to visit Anguilla is its population, since they are very open people and they also live with tranquility, although the island is filled with an explosion of vitality with the celebration of its festival in summer where you dance calypso music.

This destination is also ideal for practicing some watersports As the snorkel to observe the infinity of different fish and marine species that live in its waters.

The island is equally suitable for making a tourism plus cultural. The route is not very large, being a small island, but it is interesting to see the streets from the city and observe the cane plantations, the museums ... and, in short, seeing how people live in Anguilla.

Within this tour, it is well worth a visit Wallblake house, which is a Colonial house dating from 1787 and that it was one of the first to be built on the island as a result of the boom in sugar plantations, apart from being also one of the few that has survived intact over time. In fact, in it, you can still see the stables and the barrack from slaves of yore.

Food and accommodation

The island has several accommodation, which are mainly concentrated in the areas of Beach. And, to eat, there are also many places, although it should be borne in mind that it is a more expensive destination than other surrounding islands.

But returning to gastronomy, the variety of dishes that can be eaten is multiple, ranging from barbecues from fish and meat to another kitchen local with fish like him snapper or snapper, just like him mahi-mahi, which is like a dolphin. When receiving tourists from all over the world, there are also options to taste international food.

When to visit it

Thanks to its subtropical climate, its temperature is around 27 degrees average centigrade, although the period between the months of July Y October it is the warmest. The island can also be visited outside this season, although it must be borne in mind that on colder they are concentrated between December and February.

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