Plans with children in Menorca

Are you looking for a beach destination to travel with children? Minorca It is, without a doubt, an excellent option, since in this Balearic island most hotels are designed for family tourism. In addition, Menorca not only has fantastic coves and beaches to go with the little ones, but it offers a lot of leisure activities for the little ones in the house to have a great time.

Today in Hard Hobbit To Break We want to offer you 8 plans with children in Menorca. Would you like to join us? If you plan to travel to the Balearic island as a family, the information we provide below will be very useful.

Beach's day

As you know, one of the main attractions of Menorca is its beaches, but if you go with children, it is best to avoid the most isolated ones and opt for the urbanized ones, which offer a large number of services. Of course, you should know that you will most likely have to park a little far from the beach. Among the best beaches to go with children we find Cala Galdana, Es Grau Beach, Ferreries, Cala Mitjana and San Bou.


One of the activities that children like best in summer is going to parks aquatic and, despite being a small island, in Menorca you will find a few. One of our favorites is the Aquarock Water Park, which last year landed in the top 10 of the best water parks in Spain on TripAdvisor. It is located in Cala’n Bosch.

Boat excursion

A plan that will delight the smallest of the house will be to take a boat trip to visit the most inaccessible coves. Of course, more children intrepid and adventurers will be able to explore the seabed practicing diving and snorkel. In addition, some boats that offer this type of excursions have underwater vision.

Kayak excursion

Another interesting water activity for the family is a kayak excursion. Logically, if the little one is going to go alone in the boat, you will have to choose an excursion short so you don't get tired. Of course, there is also the option that the child shares a kayak with one of the parents.

Horse riding excursion

You should also know that in Menorca excursions on horseback are very typical both inland and on the coast. For example, you can walk some section of the Camí de Cavalls, recently recovered, which borders the almost 200 kilometers of the Menorcan coast.

Visit the lighthouses

As it could not be otherwise, we will also recommend that you visit the different lighthouses in Menorca. Believe it or not, children often love this type of building. The one you can see in the image is the Favaritx lighthouse, which is surrounded by a spectacular environment, although it is also worth knowing the Cavalleria, Punta Nati and Artrutx.

Prehistoric sites

Children are usually fascinated by history, and more specifically prehistory, so they will be delighted to discover the different archaeological sites that Menorca hides, which is the cradle of culture talayotic. Of all the sites we want to highlight the Naveta des Tudons, which is considered the oldest building in all of Europe.

Menorca Zoo

Finally, we want to recommend the perfect plan for children who love animals. We are referring to the Menorca Zoo, officially known as the Center Zoologic Lloc de Menorca. It is not very big, but children have the possibility of to interact with a lot of animals.

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