The hottest cities in the world

Summer is increasingly criminal. It will surely be for him climate change, which is not an invention, so it is not surprising that temperatures soar around the world, and especially in some places where there are really unbearable days.

Below you will be able to see a list with the 10 most cities hot of the world. None is Spanish, so we cannot complain despite the fact that the heat is considerable in autonomous communities such as Andalusia.

1- Jizán (Saudi Arabia)

Jizán is a city located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, on the shores of Red Sea. There are just over 100,000 people living there who are used to withstanding temperatures of around 40 degrees and associated with very high humidity levels. The embarrassment is inevitable.

2- Bangkok (Thailand)

More than a few tourists are surprised when they arrive in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. They have the feeling of being in a sauna all day, since temperatures can exceed 40 degrees perfectly during the day and night. In addition, there is also a lot of humidity and the air is usually polluted by the large number of cars and motorcycles that circulate through its streets.

3- Las Vegas (United States)

Las Vegas
It is no coincidence that near Las Vegas is Death Valley, which is one of the hottest places on the planet. There, the average temperature in summer is around 47 degrees and is where it has been recorded the highest temperature in history: 56.7 degrees on July 10, 1913. There is no warmer place in the entire United States, although in the "city of sin" you can take refuge in its many casinos, where the air conditioning works by piece.

4- Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong
In this great Chinese city the weather is horrible during the summer months. At temperatures of over 30 degrees that are recorded every day at any time, we must add the humidity that makes it become a kind of tropical sauna.

5- Mexicali (Mexico)

More than a million people live in this Mexican city of Baja California. The heat waves They are constant and that explains why most of its inhabitants decide to pack their bags to spend their vacations on the coast, whether in Tijuana, Ensenada or further south.

6- Melbourne (Australia)

Australia has a reputation as a hot country and Melbourne is a good example of this. Just look at what happens during the Australian Open tennis (Novak Djokvic retired for a year due to dehydration) to realize that it is not the typical place you would like to go if you are one of those people who cannot stand the heat. Its climate is abnormal and the temperatures can skyrocket. In fact, in 2009 they came to be above 47 degrees.

7- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur
The capital and largest city of Malaysia comes to confirm what we already know about Southeast Asian: It's too hot. Although temperatures rarely reach 40 degrees, being right on the equator makes the combination of heat and humidity one of the most exhausting on the planet.

8- Phoenix (United States)

We return to the United States, but this time to talk about another city where it is not cold. It is not too far from Las Vegas and has a desert very close, that of Sonora. Cacti do not have a bad time, but people have a hard time maintaining good hydration during the summer, which is when temperatures reach over 40 degrees.

9- Athens (Greece)

In Europe there are also very hot cities. Number one is Athens, the capital of Greece, since there they exceed 40 degrees in summer and have even reached 50 degrees, something unusual in the old continent. Although pollution levels have fallen in recent years, they remain a problem in stabilizing the climate.

10- Cairo (Egypt)

We ended up in Africa with the capital of Egypt. In Cairo, the largest city on the continent, 40 degrees is surpassed as if nothing and the humidity of the Delta river does not help at all. Receive the hot air coming from the Arabian Desert it is synonymous with cloud temperatures.

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