What to see in Galicia

Just to discover Santiago de Compostela, the final destination of the pilgrims of the famous Camino de Santiago, it is already worth visiting Galicia, an autonomous community full of landscapes of lush valleys and impressive beaches. As if this were not enough to travel to this northern region, it also hides charming and inland fishing villages, most interesting cities and an important historical and cultural heritage. And that's not to mention its gastronomy and its wines.

Today in Hard Hobbit To Break we moved to Galicia to discover some of its most outstanding places. Logically, our list does not include all the places in this autonomous community that are worth discovering, but we assure you that the ones we show you are almost a must-see. Can you come with us?

Atlantic Illas National Park

First of all, we want to talk about the Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas, which houses one of the best sandy areas in the world: the beach of Rhodes, on the Cíes Islands. In addition to Cíes, the park includes Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada.

Cathedral and Historic Center of Santiago

Santiago de Compostela
As we have mentioned before, just to see Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, visiting this autonomous community is already worth it. Highlights its Cathedral, which remains splendid despite having completed 800 years. Of course, you can not miss its old town, with its churches, cloistered convents, silver and jet goldsmith shops, squares ...

Roman wall of Lugo

Roman wall
From the province of A Coruña we moved to the city of Lugo to tell you about the Roman wall that surrounds it, the only of the world that remains intact. For this reason, and also for its beauty, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tower of Hercules

Tower of Hercules
In the city of A Coruña we find the spectacular Tower of Hercules, which is located in the walk maritime. Built by the Romans, it has become the symbol of the city.

Cape Fisterra

Cape Fisterra, also known as Cape Finisterre, could not be missing from this list. Here you will discover wild landscapes and spectacular beaches, as well as one of the best put sun of the world.

The estuaries

We should also talk about the Galician estuaries, long arms of the sea that penetrate the land and that harbor a large wealth natural. Of course, the best of the estuaries are its fishing villages, marinas, vineyards, pine forests, calm water beaches, cliffs and, of course, its gastronomy.

Ribeira Sacra and Canón do Sil

If you have the opportunity to visit Galicia, you cannot miss the impressive Canyons of Sil and Miño, which you can visit in catamaran. Here is the one known as Ribeira Sacra, which houses the largest concentration of Romanesque-style religious buildings on the continent.

As Catedrais Beach

As-CatedraisAs it could not be otherwise, the As Catedrais Beach is also present in this list. Here you can walk among flying buttresses 30 meters high, go into caves with domes topped by needles and contemplate arches within other arches.

City of Culture of Galicia

In Galicia you can also enjoy the Cidade da Cultura, a proposal architectural spectacular. Located in Santiago de Compuesta, it houses the Library, the Archive and the Galician Museum.

Granaries, pazos and cruzeiros

We also want to talk about the granaries that can be found at every step. These are typical elements of the rural world that, despite their simplicity, are extremely beautiful. Of course, we must highlight the cruzeiros and the great pazos.

Petroglyphs, dolmens and forts

Finally, we want to comment that in Galicia you can take a trip through exciting petroglyphs, rock engravings made in stone thousands of years ago; discover fabulous dolmens, large and surprising stone constructions of the neolithic; and discover prodigious forts, pre-Roman fortified towns.

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