Where to go out at night in Barcelona

You live in Barcelona or surroundings or are you planning a getaway to Barcelona? Well, beyond knowing its main points of interest (museums, beaches, modernist jewels ...), you will have to find out about its offer in fun and leisure. And it is that in the Catalan capital there is fun for everyone: lovers of strong emotions, those seeking tranquility, children, the elderly ... Of course, it is also a perfect city for lovers of nightlife and partying.

You may not know it, but Barcelona is a city of reference in the international electronic scene, dancing to the rhythm of the best DJ’s. Of course, there are proposals for all tastes: for lovers of jazz, rock, Latin rhythms, pop ... In fact, we could say that the nightlife of Barcelona is divided into areas with similar characteristics. Today in Hard Hobbit To Break We will tell you about the main party areas of Barcelona. Can you come with us?


First of all, let's talk about Raval, the most international and eclectic neighborhood in Barcelona. In its narrow streets, but full of activity, you can enjoy cooking exotic and autochthonous, and of small and varied premises, some of which retain a bohemian air of other times. The London Bar, a century-old bar worth visiting, deserves a special mention.


El Born is the fashionable neighborhood of Barcelona. It is the ideal place for lovers of design and for everyone looking for restaurants, night bars and cocktail bars with a sophisticated and warm atmosphere. The mix of characters that can be found here is surprising: people from Barcelona just out of the office, bohemians, people of all nationalities ...


We also want to tell you about Gràcia, a neighborhood full of places full of charm. If you get lost in the alleys and squares of this corner of Barcelona you can enjoy an atmosphere Bohemian spectacular. Separate mention deserves the Fiesta Mayor of the neighborhood, which takes place in August.


One of the most neighborhoods animated Barcelona is the Eixample, which is full of venues, bars and clubs with music of all kinds. In addition, here you can find restaurants with all types of cuisine.

Port Vell

Port Vell is like a kind of giant terrace open to the Mediterranean. With the Maremagnum As an epicenter, this area is full of shops, bars and restaurants. Especially worth it in summer, when the terraces become the real stars. Of course, during winter there is also a lot of atmosphere.


We could not forget the so-called Gaixample area, which is located to the left of the Eixample. It is an area that concentrates a large number of premises frequented by the group of gays and lesbians. Here you can find restaurants-shows, bars and clubs where freedom is the main protagonist.

Port Olímpic

Another area of ​​Barcelona where you can go out at night is the Port Olímpic. In fact, it is one of the most frequented nightlife areas in the city. In addition to bars, restaurants and discos, this area houses the casino from Barcelona.

Sant Gervasi-Santaló

We must also talk about the upper area of ​​Barcelona. Specifically, we want to talk about the axis marked by Santaló and Marià Cubí streets, an area full of bars and clubs. It is important to keep in mind that this area is especially frequented by university students and by older people looking for a chic atmosphere.

Poble Nou

Finally, we want to talk about Poble Nou, the ideal area for lovers of indie rock and pop more current. Here you will find giant and spacious nightclubs and large bars. The disco Razzmatazz It is one of the most important in the area.

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