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The two finalists of the Champions League are not yet known, but many fans have already started to organize their trip to Cardiff, that next June 3 will host the grand final of the Champions League. In fact, 98% of the accommodation in the capital of Wales is already occupied.

Are you one of the lucky ones who will have the opportunity to travel to Cardiff to enjoy this great sporting event, either outside or inside the stadium? Well then we recommend that you take advantage of the trip to know some of the best corners of this small city, which has all kinds of services and cultural activities, numerous parks and green areas, castles, Roman remains, theaters, shopping streets, places to take something ... If you are going to visit Cardiff coinciding with the Champions League final or any other date, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we tell you below, since today we are going to talk about their main points of interest. Can you come with us?

Millenium Stadium

As it could not be otherwise, we are going to start by talking about the Millenium Stadium, the stadium that will host the Grand Final of the Champions League. It is the headquarters of the selections Wales rugby and football and the usual venue for the Speedway Grand Prix.

Cardiff Bay

A place in the capital of Wales worth a walk is Cardiff Bay, a walk built around a freshwater lake, where you will find restaurants, shops and a great mix of attractions, entertainment and events.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle could not be missing from this list, a building founded by the Normans in 1091 on an ancient Roman castle. Today it is a mix of different styles and offers stunning views of the capital of Wales.

Coch Castle

In Tongwynlais is the Castle Coch (Red Castle), whose origin dates back to the 13th century, although the current building is a work neo-gothic 19th century, made by the architect William Burges.

Llandaff Cathedral

Another surprising Cardiff building is Llandaff Cathedral, the most prestigious of all the dioceses of Wales. It is Gothic in style, although they are appreciated footprints from his Norman past. As a curiosity, at the Llandaff school the famous writer Roald Dahl studied.

Cardiff National Museum

As it could not be otherwise, Cardiff also houses interesting museums. One of them is the Cardiff National Museum, which is located in a set of buildings Edwardians from Cathays Park. In it you will find collections of natural history, archeology and painting.

St. Fagans National History Museum

Also worth visiting is the St. Fagans National History Museum, one of the best open air museums free of the world. Here you can discover how the people of Wales lived, worked and spent their free time.

Doctor Who Experience

Are you a fan of "Doctor Who"? Well then you can't miss Doctor Who Experience, a fun facility located in Cardiff Bay. Belonging to the BBC studios, it offers a travel Unique through more than 50 years of adventures in time and space.

Wales Millennium Center

Wales Millennium-Center
Another corner of Cardiff worth discovering is the Wales Millennium Center, an arts center designed by Jonathan Adams, who was based on Welsh ideas, materials and traditions. There are many performances of ballet, opera, dance, comedy and musicals performed here.

Bute park

Finally, we want to talk about Bute Park, a park that stretches from Cardiff Castle to the north of the capital. Without a doubt, it is one of the main lungs greens of the city.

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