Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first virtual roller coaster in Spain

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Many people did not expect much from the virtual reality, but the truth is that this technology is booming. According to experts, in 2020 it will move around 300,000 million dollars and will be present in everything around us. And we must not forget that virtual reality is capable of improving experiences in different sectors beyond video games: health, tourism, real estate, retail, education, engineering ... In fact, thanks to the fact that the equipment is less expensive, Organizations have the opportunity to adopt technology more broadly.

Of course, virtual reality has also entered the world of amusement parks. And although the idea of ​​roller coasters with this technology is nothing new, more and more parks are integrating it into their attractions. The first in Spain has been the Warner Park in Madrid, which recently opened Batman: Arkham Asylum, a roller coaster that fuses the qualities of virtual reality with adrenaline. As it could not be otherwise, the users who climb this attraction have a unique experience. Do you want to discover more details about the first virtual roller coaster in Spain? Well, all you have to do is take a look at what we tell you next!

790 meters of travel at 80 km / h

As they tell from the amusement park itself, to the adrenalin Its most frenzied roller coaster ride has now been joined by virtual reality innovation, offering a new concept of fun. We are talking about an intense attraction: a roller coaster with 780 meters of travel and 5 reversals at 80 km / h that can be enjoyed by 28 people at the same time. And although the attraction was already exciting in itself, now it also incorporates virtual reality through the Samsung Gear V3 glasses, which allow users to immerse themselves in a superhero adventure, in which they can enjoy a lot of action.


Images synchronized with movements

How could it be otherwise, in this virtual attraction the images are synchronized with the movements. In this way, users can feel the true protagonists of the story. Thus, thanks to the Samsung device, they will move to Arkham Asylum, a prison psychiatric that locks up the enemies of Batman. In this terrifying place, The Joker has released Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc to wreak havoc and take over Gotham City. Luckily, Batman comes to our rescue.

Content distributed in 360 degrees

To enjoy this impressive experience you will only have to adjust the Samsung glasses, which have a strap ergonomic special, and not miss anything around you. And it is important that you keep in mind that throughout the attraction the content is distributed in 360 degrees. Of course, users also have the option of living this roller coaster in a traditional way, that is, without glasses.


The first of a large number of projects

As stated by Celestino García, Corporate Vice President of Samsung Spain, the company is confident that this is only the first of a large number of projects between the company and Parque Warner. Thus, we may soon be able to enjoy new virtual attractions. Then we leave you with a video that shows what the experience of this impressive virtual roller coaster is like. These are images that have been uploaded to the Warner Park's official YouTube channel. Do not miss it!

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