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Rio de Janeiro
Known as the Wonderful City, Rio de Janeiro it is the perfect combination between jungle, mountain and sea. Of course, this Brazilian city also offers iconic monuments, numerous theaters, performance houses, shopping malls, and numerous restaurants. To all these attractions, we must add the happy and festive rhythm of life of the cariocas. For all these reasons, it was the first city in the world to receive the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Are you planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro? It will be better if you do not miss anything that we tell you below, since we are going to tell you about the main points of interest of the city Brazilian. Can you come with us?


As it could not be otherwise, we will start talking about its beaches. Those of Copacaba e Ipanema They are considered among the best beaches in Brazil, but you should know that the city also hides such interesting sandy areas as Prainha, Arpoador, Leblon and Playa Vermelha.

Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon

Very close to the Ipanema beach is the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, a recreation area where you can practice different sports. In fact, the lagoon is surrounded by a route that can be done on foot or by bike. In addition, you will find beach bars, pedal boats and corners to relax.

Christ the Redeemer and Tijuca National Park

Christ redeemer
As you know, one of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro is the Christ the Redeemer, also called Christ of Corcovado. This 30-meter statue, which rests on an 8-meter pedestal, is located in the Tijuca National Park which of course is worth knowing. And we are talking about the largest urban jungle in the world.

Bread of sugar

Bread of sugar
Another natural corner of Rio de Janeiro that you should visit if you have the opportunity to travel to this impressive city is the Pan de Azúcar, a hill located at the mouth of Guanabara Bay. You can climb this rock by climbing the Cableway, which runs through the 1,400 meters that separate the hills of Urca and Babylon.

Maracana Stadium

If you like soccer you cannot miss the Maracanã Stadium, one of the most important stadiums mythical in the history of sport. Also, you should know that around it there is a walk of fame dedicated to the great soccer players of all time.

Santa Teresa neighborhood

Santa Teresa
One of the most interesting neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro is Santa Teresa, which maintains the only electric train in Brazil: the bondinho. Known as the Montmartre carioca, this place is distinguished by its profile colonial. The Largo dos Guimarães deserves a special mention, where you will find numerous restaurants. In addition, we recommend crossing the Lapa neighborhood through the famous steps of the Selarón stairs.


Metropolitan Cathedral
Of course, it is also worth discovering the city center which, although few, still preserves some colonial buildings. From this part of Rio de Janeiro it is also worth discovering the Municipal Theater and the Metropolitan Cathedral, which has a strange conical shape. Of course, it is better that you do not visit this area neither at night nor during the weekends, since it is practically empty.


Sing it
If you travel to Rio de Janeiro you cannot miss the opportunity to visit a favela. Some of them are safe and, in fact, their inhabitants welcome tourists very well. Of all of them we want to highlight that of Santa Marta and that of Sing it, which offers wonderful views.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
Another corner of the Brazilian city that is worth discovering is the Botanical Garden, which houses one of the largest collections of plants of the world.


Museum of Modern Art
If you have time, you will also have to discover some of the interesting museums that the city houses. Separate mention deserve the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

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