The cherry blossoms in the Valley of the Caderechas de Burgos

Every spring, between the end of March and the beginning of April, the cherry trees blossom, giving us really beautiful landscapes. Fortunately, we can see this spectacle of nature in different points of the Spanish geography, beyond the famous Valle del Jerte. One of them is the Caderechas Valley, a region that is located in the northwestern part of La Bureba, in the province of Burgos, Castilla y León.

Due to the mild temperatures that are being experienced in Burgos these first weeks of spring, the flowering has advanced some fifteen days, so we can already enjoy its beautiful image. So visiting this place can be a great plan for Easter week, especially if you want to be in contact with nature. To finish convincing you that visiting the Caderechas Valley is a great option, today we are going to explain more details about this natural corner. Would you like to join us? We assure you that you will not regret it!

Later flowering

Although this year the cherry blossoms have been brought forward in the Caderechas Valley, the truth is that it is the latest in Spain. In fact, although in many fruit regions the season begins in April, in this valley it usually begins in June, lasting until the first week of August. Therefore, quality cherries can be found here when production has already been sold in other corners of Spain. This is due to the microclimate of the area. According to fruit growers of the place, during the next days in the lowest areas the flowering will be at 50%, while in the highest locations in the valley it will be at 30%. Therefore, during the next 10 or 15 days we will be able to enjoy the mantle of white flowers of these precious trees.


Flora and fauna

The Caderechas Valley differs from the rest of the La Bureba region by its particular relief, its microclimate and its vegetation. For centuries it has been known for the quality of its fruit. In fact, in the Monastery of San Salvador de Oña you can find references to the production of apples and cherries that date back to the year 1032. Here you can not only find cherry and apple trees, but on the slopes of the Valley you can discover thick forests of gall oak. , holm oak and resin pine, in addition to scrub, heather, thyme and other shrubs. As for fauna, the valley is home to roe deer, squirrels, wild boars and different birds: blue tit, titmouse, owlet, kestrel, kite, buzzard ...

Cherries and apples from the Caderechas Valley

It is important to note that 10 different types of cherries are produced in this Burgos valley, which, by the way, have a taste and smell individuals. Another fruit produced in this corner located 60 kilometers north of Burgos is the apple. Specifically, the Pippin of the Valley of the Caderechas is cultivated here, although this year there have been quite a few less than usual.


Hiking trails and artistic and historical heritage

As it could not be otherwise, lovers of nature and rural tourism have at their disposal numerous hiking trails that offer the walker beautiful views. We also want to highlight the artistic and historical heritage, with interesting samples of popular architecture. In addition, you should know that all the towns of Las Caderechas offer examples of traditional houses. The town of Oña deserves a special mention, an authentic medieval jewel. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of this beautiful Burgos valley. Do not miss it!

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