Five natural places in Spain to enjoy spring

Each season has its charm, but it is clear that the spring It is one of the most popular. And not only because the days begin to be longer and brighter and the temperatures are more pleasant than during the rest of the year, but also because nature shows one of its best faces. In fact, it is during spring when the flowers are shown in all their splendor. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of the weekends and the bridges that are to come to make rural getaways. The good thing is that Spain is full of natural landscapes that are worth discovering during this time of year.

So that you can enjoy spring to the fullest, today we are going to recommend five natural places of Spain in which this station shines in all its splendor. Since we know that there are many more places worth knowing, we are totally open to suggestions, so don't forget to give us your opinion at the end of this article.

Valle del Jerte, Extremadura

As it could not be otherwise, we will start by talking about the Valle del Jerte, a haven of tranquility. It is a valley located in the province of Cáceres that has been declared a site of cultural interest since 1973. During the spring months, the thaw of the Extremadura mountains gives way to one of the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine. And it is that while the green takes over the forests, the cherry trees begin to bloom, staining the slopes white. In fact, the entire region celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival, which this year will take place from March 31 to April 8.

Natural Park of Lake Sanabria, Castilla y León

Spring is also a good time to get to know the Lake Sanabria Natural Park, which houses the largest glacial lake on the Iberian Peninsula. When this time of year arrives, the otters They make an appearance in the waters that dot the park. In addition, during spring thermometers set pleasant temperatures, flowers flood the landscape and other types of local fauna awake. On the other hand, you should know that it is an ideal place for mushroom lovers.

Cieza, Murcia

We also want to suggest that you visit Cieza, a municipality in the Region of Murcia where flowering is also experienced in a very special way. In fact, here you can enjoy the so-called Flowering of Cieza, a spectacle of nature in which the orchards become a kind of rainbow terrestrial thanks to the climate and the hand of man. And it is that the millions of fruit trees dress their branches in spring. Here you can hire different guided routes to discover the landscape.

Great Path of Malaga, Andalusia

Another place worth discovering in spring is the Gran Senda de Málaga, which has more than 650 kilometers. It is one of the walking trails most impressive in all of Andalusia, a route that will allow you to discover viewpoints of extraordinary beauty, a great variety of land and environment, and charming cities and towns.

Selva de Irati, Navarra

To finish, we want to propose the Irati Forest, which is located in Navarra. It is one of the largest beech and spruce forests on the continent. Any time is good to enjoy this place, but thanks to the spring temperatures the tour can be much more pleasant. In addition, during this time of year this natural site is shown exuberant, since the trees recover their leaves and the tops are dyed an intense green.

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