Five little (or nothing) conventional cruises to spend a good vacation

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A few years ago that cruise ships they became fashionable, living an authentic boom because most of the people opted for this way of doing tourism which, until then, was not suitable for all budgets. However, after that take-off, interest has stabilized and, although today it is an option that many people continue to consider –the experience is often repeated-, the truth is that the sector is betting on reinvent and offer products that are quite novel. Even, on some occasions, proposals are made that can only be enjoyed in certain ones Specific dates. They are little or nothing habitual or conventional cruises in which it is possible to enjoy very special moments and linked to the culture, which becomes one of the great attractions of these cruises.

Musical cruises

Music has been practically present on cruise ships as dances Y discotheques for night hours. However, the offer is renewed with activities that revolve around it, but in another way, and that constitute the main attraction of this type of cruise.

Known is, for example, the concert that the artist recently gave Jon Bon Jovi on a cruise, although it is not the only one. It is also possible to enjoy other singers and musical styles while arriving at a destination or following an itinerary that is usually linked to music or to someone in this area.

For example, within the advertised offer for the year 2020, there is the cruise that will make the route between Stockholm and the French city of Honfleur on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.

cruise ships
Also for next year, from the end of February at the beginning of March, music lovers have another option like enjoying ‘Rock Legends Cruise‘In the Independence of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean company.

For this month of September, there are other alternatives to live a different experience during a seven-day itinerary between Athens and Rome with the ‘Musical odyssey in the Mediterranean'Which includes private classical music recitals with programming that has been designed by Michael Parloff, who was principal flute player for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra from 1977 until he retired in 2008.

Gastronomic cruises

And for the most foodies and lovers of good food, they are also becoming fashionable and offering very gastronomic cruises in which the main attraction is the food that is offered, which even comes to be made by chefs with Michelin stars.

The possibilities are endless because, in addition, different types of food for every day to taste the products and dishes of different cultures cAs the Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Mexican or Arabic, among others.

In some cases, cooks are on the same cruise ship, as is the case with celebrities in the world of stoves such as Marco Pierre White, what's wrong with it Michelin stars, or Eric Lanlard, what is a Master pastry chef, among other names that are announced on cruises.

And, of course, a good meal must always be accompanied by a good wine for which the cruises also take care of this aspect, counting on experts like Olly smith. There are even cruises that are exclusively organized around wine, a product that is tasted while touring the main wine regions.

Movie Cruises

And movies and series are inspiring new cruises. ‘Game of Thrones’Is a clear example because there are boats that travel the main scenarios in which his scenes have been filmed, such as Northern Ireland.

But it's not the only case. Other cruises focus on ‘Star Trek‘, Celebrating parties and events around this popular saga of which the presence of some is also announced actors who have participated in its different scenes.

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