(Horror) destinations to travel on Halloween

Halloween It is a date of the year in which more and more people tend to travel. In addition, this year, when Friday falls, many people have the opportunity to bridge. This makes getting around easier. And for this there are many options. For example, the obituary tourismas well as the trips that include the rscares of motion pictures. Added to this is the possibility of visiting towns and municipalities with somewhat obscure legends or where some somewhat strange or macabre events have taken place. When talking about these places, you always think of Transylvania by Count Dracula, the route of Jack the Ripper ... but there are many others places to be scared. And you don't have to go very far. Some are in Spain.

Routes around Spain for Halloween

To spend a scary Halloween –and never better said-, Spain is a good option. There are numerous towns with traditions, legends and many mysteries. For example, Aragon It is a good autonomous community to go. There is the town of Trasmoz, known for its witches and its covens.

It is a town with a place full of legends around the witchcraft, which still endure and are encouraged by its landscapes, as well as by the fact that today it is still considered the only cursed town Y excommunicated from the country.

Also in Aragon, and again in Zaragoza, is the municipality of Belchite, in which many battles took place throughout history, and the town was razed to the ground during the Civil War. Since that date, the village is considered as ghost.

The reason is no other than that it seems that time has stopped there. Although for many people there are more reasons, since they say that the souls wandering of all those who died during the wars. It has even been said that they listen bombing, shooting, wailing ...

This whole story is completed with visual images like the remains of shrapnel that still remain in the place, the ruins of buildings such as the convents of San Rafael or San Agustín, as well as the Church of San Martín. And, if you visit the town, you cannot forget to visit the cemetery nor the caves that the inhabitants of the place were dug to take refuge from the bombings.

Continuing with the tour of Spain, another of the ideal routes for Halloween is the town of Zugarramurdi, in Navarra. It is a small town known for its witches, who were even taken to the movies by director Álex de la Iglesia. And why is it popularly called as the witch town? To answer the question, we have to go back to the year 1610 when the Inquisition accused of practicing witchcraft to dozens of people who lived in the Xareta region. All of them were condemned to die in the bonfire.

In this town, it is important to visit the witches cave, called Sorginen Leizea, in which covens and all pagan rites are believed to have been practiced, which were actually natural medicine practices. A visit to the Orabidea stream, where the cavity of the Infermuko Eureka or the Regatta from Hell. The route leads to visiting the Akelarre meadow next to it, as well as the Campo del Macho Cabrío.

Catalonia is another of the communities where there are also dark legends. Specifically, we have to scroll to Barcelona, Where is he Bewitched forest from Orrius. To visit it, you have to go into its nature to find three statues, which correspond to El Elefante, El Indio and El Moai. They are figures whose origin is unknown, being associated with mysticism and esotericism.

And, of course, the tour of Spain takes us to Galicia. In A Coruña, you can see all the celtic origins of the Samhain de Cedeira. Precisely, the Samhain, is a tradition that gave rise to what is known today as Halloween, but taking away all the commercial aspect. Here, get ready to delve into and follow all Celtic traditions.

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