Almodóvar del Río Castle, one of the new Game of Thrones scenarios

almodovar-del-rio castle
If you are a follower of "Game of Thrones" you will know that the producers of the series have chosen several locations in Spain to shoot the new season. Among them is the Almodóvar del Río Castle, which will remain closed to the public until November 16, precisely because the recordings are already taking place.

As explained on the castle's website, the producer asked that the entrance to the castle be blocked from November 4 to 16 for filming. Today in Hard Hobbit To Break We tell you more details about this fortress located in the province of Córdoba.

Of Arab origin

The castle that we show you today is the main tourist attraction of Almodóvar del río, a municipality located in the region of Valle Medio del Guadalquivir. It is a fortress of Arab origin that was built around the year 740. It is important to note that due to its strategic location, on a hill of about 252 meters next to the Guadalquivir, it was of great importance in the defense of Córdoba.


The remarkable corners of the castle

The castle highlights two of its nine towers. We refer to the Torre del Homenaje and the Torre de la Escuela. However, it is also worth looking at the parade ground, the walls and the reservoirs.

Different visiting possibilities

Finally, we want to comment that you can visit the castle in three ways: simple visit, guided visit dramatized by the King's Butler and dramatized guided tour by the Count of Torralva. In addition, schools can opt for the dramatized visit for schools. On the other hand, you should know that numerous activities are organized monthly so that visitors can experience how the inhabitants of that time lived: medieval meals, battles, troubadours that enliven the route, storytelling, archery ...

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