The best value for money destinations to travel in 2017

A few days ago we already told you which were the best countries to travel in 2017 according to Lonely Planet, but today we bring you more interesting information if possible. And it is that the editorial of travel guides has drawn up a list with those destinations that next year will stand out for their relationship price quality, what in English is known as destinations best-value.

Would you like to discover which are those places that authors, publishers and the community of travelers? Well, all you have to do is join us!


First, they recommend Nepal, which is recovering from the earthquakes and a fuel strike that has hindered circulation in this destination. Apparently, in 2017 you can enjoy its hiking trails and wildlife for $ 50 a day. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that travelers will be very well received, as they represent a great financial aid for the Nepalese communities.


The second destination proposed to us is Namibia, among other things because the value of the country's dollar has depreciated against several currencies in recent times. Here you can enjoy experiences amazing, including observation of desert fauna. Of course, if you want to find cheap flights, it is best to avoid traveling in late December and January.

Porto, Portugal

Of course, Europe is also on this list. For example, we are recommended to travel to Porto, a place that is worthwhile for many reasons. You will be surprised by its affordable offer of accommodation and gastronomic. Also, flying to this Portuguese city is quite cheap.

Venice Italy

Another European city that appears in this list is Venice, an Italian city that you can visit for little money if you follow some tricks. For example, Lonely Planet recommends staying in Mestre or in Treviso and travel by train from these places to spend a day in Venice. In addition, you should know that you can find apartments and rooms through Airbnb and style pages.

Debrecen, Hungary

You may not know it, but the Hungarian city of Debrecen has a lot to offer the traveler. You will love its panorama artistic and the summer festivals that fill its streets. Also, it is important to note that it is connected to several European countries with low cost airlines.


They also propose us to travel to Belize, one of the most expensive destinations in Central America. However, keep in mind that it does not require large displacement and that you can find street food here with exceptional value for money.


Another destination that appears in this list is Morocco, an exotic but stable and accessible country. In Marrakech you can find a wide range of accommodation, but you should also take into account places like Essaouira and the port city of Tangier.


Tourism in Russia is on the rise thanks, among other things, to the fact that the price of the ruble is levels tempting exchange rates. In this country you will find low cost air routes to get to know it from end to end.

Bellarine Peninsula

An Australian destination that you may not know but that is very worthwhile is the Bellarine Peninsula, an area of ​​Victoria that has attractions most interesting, highlighting its beaches and its historic cities.

Michigan Upper Peninsula

Finally, Lonely Planet offers us to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a region with an impressive beauty natural and charming cities and towns. Inhabitants of the American Midwest will be able to travel at reasonable prices. Also, keep in mind that the atmosphere here is simple and relaxed.

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