Colca Valley, one of the most beautiful natural corners of Peru

Peru It is one of those destinations that can satisfy any type of traveler, since in this South American country it is possible to find from some of the main historical monuments of America and the world, to spectacular natural corners. And not only that, but if you are lucky enough to visit it, you can enjoy a wide range of active and adventure tourism, and discover ancient traditions. And that's not to mention its gastronomy.

Today we move to Peru to discover one of its most beautiful natural landscapes. We are referring to Colca Valley, one of the main tourist destinations in the country. It is located in the northeast of Arequipa, in the province of Caylloma, and it surprises as much for the richness of its natural settings as for its towns and the ancestral customs of its people. As if that were not enough, in this place you can enjoy adventure sports and Andean bird watching. Do you want to discover more details about this corner of South America? Well you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything we tell you below!

The biggest attraction

The first thing we want to tell you is that the name of Colca comes from the union of two words: "Collaguas" and "Cabanas". These are two ethnic groups that lived along the Colca River. In fact, the place is also called Valle de los Collaguas. Without a doubt, the main attraction of this place is the so-called Colca Canyon, which offers wonderful landscapes. Not surprisingly, many scientists and expeditionaries from different corners of the world have asked the Peruvian government to declare this place a National Park. As you can see for yourself by taking a look at the images that we will show you in our gallery, its landscape stands out, among other things, by the terraces of culture of different levels. And it is that throughout the centuries, the natural physiognomy has been altered by the agricultural tradition.


The deepest canyon in the world

The Colca Canyon reaches three kilometers deep in some sections. In fact, it is considered the deepest on the planet. And not only that, but we can also say that here is the mountain range volcanic active higher. In addition, it is important to note that in some parts it reveals layers of great geological value. In fact, it seems that some of them date back to stages prior to the existence of life on Earth. Doesn't that seem incredible to you?


Architecture and traditions

Beyond its natural landscape, visiting the Colca Valley is worth discovering the samples of architecture colonial. It is surprising to see the mestizo style that developed in this place from the 18th century in its churches. We also want to highlight its houses, many of which are still built in stone and in a type of straw that grows at a considerable altitude. Of course, it is also important to note that despite colonization, many of its ancestral traditions continue to hold. For example, women from the communities living in the area continue to wear their typical costumes.


The largest bird of prey on the planet

Before leaving you with the photos of the Colca Valley we want to comment that the largest bird of prey in the world lives here. We are not referring to the Andean condor, one of the great claims of the place. Of course, you can also see other animals, highlighting four types of camelids. Finally, we want to comment that in this valley it is possible to carry out numerous activities: trekking, canoe, climbing, bicycle excursions ... Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of this wonderful corner of Peru. Do not miss it!

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