The museums you must visit this summer and without leaving Spain

The cultural tourism It also has many followers and not only to see the different monuments of the cities, but also to visit their museums. Spain is a country in which there is a wide range of museums, with summer being an ideal time to visit them and see their various cultural proposals. In addition, it is usually a quite vacation option economic. And what museums are there to see? Here we make a list of the main ones.


Madrid is one of the cities that concentrates the most museums, apart from being located in it those that appear among the most important and not only within Spain, but also internationally.

Must visit is the Prado Museum, which is one of the most important in the world and, in addition, this year celebrates its bicentennial for which some exhibitions have been organized, for example, that of Velázquez, Rembrandt and Vermeer, which can be seen until the 29th September, or the one titled 'Fra Angelico and the beginning of the Renaissance in Florence', which will be on display until September 15.

These are just some of the organized exhibitions that can be seen –there are others planned that even last until 2020-, and that deserve a visit on this tour of Madrid's museums in which one of the most important cannot be missing: the Thyssen-Bornemisza.

In it, you can see collections such as ‘Balenciaga and Spanish painting’, which is on display until September 22, apart from being able to visit the entire permanent collection, among other proposals.

Also in Madrid is the Reina Sofia Museum where Picasso's work is exhibited with paintings such as ‘Guernica’, among others, as well as the permanent collection and other temporary exhibitions such as ‘Poetics of Democracy. Images and counter-images of the transition, ’which is until November 25.

In this same city, other proposals are those of Sorolla museum to know much more about this painter, as well as the Lazaro Galdiano Museum with works by great artists such as Goya, El Bosco, El Greco or Madrazo, among others.


Catalonia also has very interesting museums like the Dalí Theater-Museum, which is in Figueras (Gerona), and which is focused on the figure of Salvador Dalí both through his permanent collection and with temporary exhibitions that will be until December 31 as' Dalí / Rafael, a prolonged reverie 'or' Salvador Dalí. Robert Whitaker ’.

In Barcelona, ​​a must-see is the Picasso museum to learn more about his works through the permanent collection and the temporary exhibits until September 24 on ‘Picasso. The gaze of a photographer ’or‘ In the name of the father ’. In addition, new samples are prepared that can be seen from the month of November.

Other proposals within Catalonia are the Egyptian Museum with exhibitions on Tutankhamun or Pharaonic Egypt; the Joan Miró Foundation to get into his work, or the National Art Museum of Catalonia with a very varied proposal within which stands out, for example, the exhibition on the comic ‘The Viper’.


In the tour of the main museums we cannot forget the Guggenheim museum from Bilbao, which offers different exhibitions such as ‘Jesper Just: this unforgettable show’ until October 20. Before, on September 15, ‘Learning through art’ will end. And, until September 9, it is possible to visit the exhibition ‘Jenny Holzer. The indescribable. ’


In cities like Valencia, the offer of museums focuses on the Principe Felipe Science Museum, in the City of Arts and Sciences with interactive exhibitions and scientific animations to learn about the advances in science and technology.

Another option is the Museum of Fine Arts, where the samples ‘The beginning of modern painting in Spain: Sorolla and his time’ are being exhibited until August 30; ‘Picasso-Cela: drawings, writings and ceramics. Gabarrón Collection ’until September 1, and‘ Vicente Rodes Aries. The study in nature ’until September 8.

They are just some of the main proposals in museums for this summer, although there are still many more options not only in these cities, but also in other Spanish capitals and municipalities.

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