The world's fastest new elevator is in Shanghai

If you are a follower of Hard Hobbit To Break You will know that from time to time we like to echo some of the records that are broken throughout the planet. In fact, in recent weeks we have told you about the tallest bridge in the world, the tallest slide on the planet and the largest blue hole.

Interestingly, many of the current records, especially those related to buildings, take place on the Asian continent. Today, for example, we want to tell you about the fastest elevator in the world, which has taken the title from the one located in the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center, a 530 meter high skyscraper located in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The world's fastest new elevator is also in China, specifically in the Shanghai tower (Shanghai Tower). Would you like to discover more details? Well, all you have to do is join us!

The fast elevator

As we were telling you, the world's fastest new elevator is located in the city of Shanghai. Specifically, it is located in the Shanghai Tower, which is located in the Lujiazui financial district. Although its height is surprising (it reaches 632 meters), it does not hold the record for the tallest building. Of course, it seems that he will enter the Guinness Records thanks to the speed reached by his new elevator. It is a creation of Mitsubishi that reaches 20.5 meters per second, that is, about 73.8 kilometers per hour. In order for you to better understand the speed that this elevator is capable of reaching, we want to give you a fact: the record for Usain BoltThe fastest man in the world, he reached a speed of 12.2 meters per second when he achieved his world record in one hundred meters, the equivalent of 44 kilometers per hour.


Technical advances

According to its creators, achieving this record has been possible thanks to the development of new equipment, including a control panel that maximizes the performance of the traction machine. In addition, security such as speed limiter, braking device and damping device. Thus, thanks to these advances, the elevator is able to go up from the second floor of the basement to the 119th floor in just 53 seconds. Surprising, don't you think?


The skyscraper surprises not only for its new and fast elevator, but for its height and shape. In fact, it is considered the second tallest building in the world. Only the Burj Khalifa Tower, which is located in Dubai, a city with many records. Thus, while the building of this emirate of the United Arab Emirates reaches 828 meters high, the Shanghai Tower is 632 meters high.

As we were saying, the building also surprises with its silhouette. And is that as you can see in the image above these lines, it has a spiral shape. In addition, it is important to note that its promoters describe the tower as an energy showcase. sustainable avant-garde, or in other words, as a symbol of sustainable architecture. In this sense, it should be noted that fewer building materials were used for the façade and that its spiral shape serves to collect rainwater, which is used for the tower's heating and air conditioning systems. The skyscraper, which has 121 floors, houses offices, retail stores, entertainment venues, a conference center, a hotel, spaces for cultural offerings ...

Riding the World's Fastest Elevator - Shanghai Tower (November 2022)

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