The 10 most beautiful cities in Europe

Traveling in Europe It is highly recommended. There are many cities that can surprise you for various reasons: architecture, history, gastronomy, leisure, nature ... It is difficult to make a list of the 10 most beautiful without fear of being wrong, but I really wanted to prepare an article like this and I hope not I was wrong too much. In any case, I would love for you to leave your comment to tell me which cities that I have not included should be in this Top 10 yes or yes.

1- Paris

It is not at number one by chance. In my humble opinion, Paris It is the most beautiful city of all, and for the record, it is not only for its imposing Eiffel Tower, which obviously helps. It is a city that surprises you with the enormous number of buildings of great beauty that it houses, in addition to having numerous monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe or bridges as spectacular as those that cross the River Seine, where by the way it is highly recommended to travel by boat at night, under the moonlight. Normal that it is one of the most visited cities in the world.

2- London

The roll of London It is not the Paris roll. It is something quite different and that usually attracts another tourist profile. If lovers and those who are already a certain age travel to Paris, London is concentrated in those who do not know how to do anything other than invest their time in leisure plans that start in the morning and do not end until well after midnight. The capital of England is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, with points of interest as emblematic as the Big ben and with an enormous quantity of traditions that one fascinates each time one visits.

3- Barcelona

Spain, one of the most touristic countries in the world, could not be left out of this compilation. I consider that Barcelona It is the city that must represent us for being the most complete of all, although it is true that others such as Madrid or Seville could also come very close to this Top 10 for obvious reasons. In the Barcelona you have a beach, gastronomy, modernist buildings, museums ... It is a great city that every summer welcomes millions of tourists who come by land, sea and air.

4- Edinburgh

As in love as I am from Scotland, it is clear that Edinburgh It should be on the list. Whoever has visited it will understand that the choice is more than justified. Stroll through the Royal mile It is a must until you reach its beautiful castle, from which you can enjoy privileged views of the city. At night, if you still feel like strolling through its cobbled streets and prefer to do something other than drink beer in one of its iconic pubs, I recommend that you take part in one of the nighttime activities that take place on the Royal Mile touring part of the city ​​while they tell you stories and legends that will make you sleep with one eye open.

5- Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is another essential city. Traveling through its canals is highly recommended, as is keeping your eyes open while strolling through the Red Light District. You can ride a bike, go to the Van Gogh Museum, breathe fresh air in the park Vondelpark or buy flowers at the Flower Market, where you will find the national flower: the tulip. Festivals, parades and all kinds of celebrations also allow us to say that Amsterdam It is a fun city.

6- Vienna

From the debauchery of the Dutch capital to the most stately side of Europe by the hand of Vienna. The capital of Austria is a great city that you won't kick in two days. It has spectacular parks and palaces (see the one in Schönbrunn), as well as museums that leave you speechless if you are one of those who enjoy art. It is, in short, a European capital that you have to visit at least once in your life.

7- Rome

Rome it is pure history. It is for the time of the Romans and for how well they have managed to preserve places like the Roman Forum, a must visit. The Colosseum is simply incredible and in general you will have many plans to make to visit the capital of Italy without leaving absolutely nothing on the way. The good thing is that between walks you can always fill your belly with typical foods from Mediterranean cuisine, with pizzas and pasta being its biggest claims.

8- Prague

Prague It is a city to keep in mind for various reasons. It has gardens and historical parks, very famous cafes like the Grand Cafe Orient, high-level breweries and a musical offer for all tastes, since classical music, rock, pop and alternative music have a place in the capital of the Czech Republic. In addition, there are beautiful monuments and bridges, postcard squares such as the Old Town Square and even an imposing castle.

9- Florence

Florence it is pure beauty.It is a city that those who appreciate the architecture and the details that make the difference can not like more. The Piazza del Duomo Conquer any romantic and the Vecchio Bridge is not far behind, since it is the oldest stone bridge in Europe and is full of padlocks put by lovers, although it is true that the authorities remove them from time to time for security reasons. Logically, when you set foot in the Piazza del Duomo your eyes will point to the Cathedral of Florence, a huge church that stands out for having a 45 meter diameter dome.

10- Dubrovnik

If 10 years ago they tell us that Dubrovnik It was going to appear in a list like this, surely we would not have believed it. It is not the capital of Croatia and until recently it was a city that went unnoticed by those who wanted to travel to the best places in Europe. However, it has earned the privilege of being considered one of the most beautiful on the old continent. You just have to walk through its cobbled streets to realize its beauty. You can visit its historic center by walking through the medieval walls that surround her. Of course, be careful because in August it is very hot and you will want to take a good dip after strolling through its streets. The solution? Banje beach, which is undoubtedly one of Dubrovnik's best beaches.

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