Summer 2019: eight cheap destinations in Spain (and with a lot of charm)

With the beginning of July, the holidays have already officially started. Many people head towards the chosen destination, while others continue to look for some attractive place, but with low prices. Spain offers many possibilities because in its territory there are many areas of great beauty, with great attractions to visit and which can be visited at fairly low prices. They are destinations not only of Sun Y Beachbut of inside or that allow combining them. These are the eight cheap destinations in Spain to enjoy a great vacation this summer 2019.

Sun and beach

People looking for beach areas to enjoy a few days of rest, have a good option in the Canary Islands. Within them, there are areas that are cheaper than others and that, in addition to Beaches, offer the possibility of making excursions to discover its charms.

One of them is Lanzarote. It is one of the most striking islands in the Canary Islands, having been the setting in which many films and advertising spots have been filmed. On this island, you can find accommodation very economical -although there are many prices-, and it is possible to travel through airlines from low cost.

Apart from its beaches and its volcanic lands, the National Park of Timanfaya wave Cueva de los Verdes. Of course, not to miss all the works of Cesar Manrique.

Tenerife It is another of the cheapest islands, especially in its northern area. Sun and beach days can be combined with visits to the Teide and tours and excursions through areas of great attraction and charm such as La Orotava and localities like Garachico, among other.

And, within the Canary Islands, there is also The Palm, which is also an economic destination, although destinations of all prices can be found. Apart from its beaches, it is one of the greenest islands, being essential to visit its National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente or the Volcanoes Route, which invite to make routes of trekking.

Beach and interior

People who want to combine tourism inside and someday of Beach, but without having to pay the exorbitant or higher prices in certain coastal areas, they have several options.

One of them is the town of Mazarrón, in Murcia, which is in a small bay in which the beaches are very calm. Among its main attractions is the abandoned mine or the Enchanted City of Bolnuevo.

Another alternative is Castellón de la Plana, in the province of Castellón, which is about four kilometers from the coast, being one of the areas of Beach cheaper within the Valencian Community. A municipality that is also surrounded by saws inside.

And above is Tarragona, which is another of the cheapest provinces for vacations. In addition to its proximity to the beach and main coastal towns, you can also see all Roman, medieval and modernist historical remains. Among its attractions, it also highlights Port Aventura.

Inland tourism

People who do not want sun and sand, can also find very attractive inland tourism destinations at affordable prices within the national territory. One of them is Pomegranate, a city to which, in addition, the bird, offering routes at cheaper prices and various promotions.

Among the main attractions is, of course, The Alhambra, as well as La Capilla Real, the Paseo de los Tristes or the Sacromonte caves. Depending on the days of the duration of the trip, it is interesting to also visit the Alpujarra, which is a very quiet area in a mountain environment and with towns with a lot of charm like Capileira, Bubión or Pampaneira.

The Rioja It is another fairly cheap community, but also very beautiful and not only for its landscapes vineyards. Among the most popular areas is Calle Laurel with a wide gastronomic offer. In this community, among the most beautiful towns are The guard or Labastida.

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