5 places in France where they will give you the definitive "yes"

France It is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year it receives around 90 million tourists according to the country's Ministry of Foreign Relations, and it is not for less, since it is precisely there where one of the most romantic destinations is located and perhaps the one with which the couples on the planet dream the most: Paris.

Globally recognized as the light cityParis is home to a wealth of museums with priceless works. It also has an elegant and exquisite gastronomy, and last but not least it houses the emblematic Eiffel Tower, a monument that recalls the beginning of the modern era and offers sensational views of the city and provides excellent photos from the Champ de Mars. Obviously, it is the main attraction for lovers, since thousands of them come to it, not only to enjoy the landscapes, but to sign their promise of love.

In addition to the famous tower, the city and its outskirts provide travelers and tourists with other places where romanticism is experienced. So in this post I ready you five optionsTwo of them are outside the capital but equally charming and surprising. An excellent alternative to enjoy every minute of your trip with whom you love is rent a car and do the tours together.

Take a cruise on the Seine

This is one of the best options to do tourism in paris. Strolling along the Seine River will be an experience full of enthusiasm and love if you like bridges. You will enjoy it too much because most of the one-hour tours go under more than 30 old buildings, Among the most outstanding are Pont Alexandre III, Pont Royal and Pont de l'Alma, popular for being the place where he died Princess Diana.

The departures of these cruises can start from any of the docks, but most often they do so from those that are near the tower or in Ile de la Cité. The hours change depending on the time of year, so it is advisable to plan this activity in advance.

The marriage petition can be carried out during dinner on the candlelit cruise or during the tour while you enjoy a champagne glass. That already depends on your budget and the magic that you put in the moment.

Stroll through Pont des Arts

Located in the heart of the city, this footbridge over the Seine River is a perfect place to take a walk and enjoy the spectacular view and the artistic exhibitions. On the tour you will see painters, cartoonists and photographers, and you will also have the opportunity to participate with your partner in one of the most famous traditions, which has been slowly changing. Are you familiar with the image of hundreds of padlocks hugging the bridge railing? Well, at this point in Paris hundreds of couples made a promise of eternal love by closing a padlock with their names or a written message and throwing the key in the river. Unfortunately, all the padlocks were removed, since together they weighed around 500 kilos and the structure of the bridge was being damaged ... Even so, it is still a site that keeps many loving memories and in which you can make a symbolic promise with your soulmate while watching a beautiful sunset over the Seine.

Picnic at Buttes Chaumont

If a good connection with the natureYou can escape with your partner and spend a quiet afternoon in Buttes Chaumont, one of the largest gardens in the city, with paths escorted by lush trees and meadows for a picnic by the river. There you can drink an exquisite glass of French wine, cross a suspension bridge and contemplate the birds, waterfalls or grottos.

Additionally, if you want to have an indelible memory and have a little privacy, you can climb 173 steps to the viewpoint of the Temple of the Sibyl, located at the top of an islet in the middle of the artificial lake. From there you will see one of the best views of this sector of Paris, and what better way to do it in the company of your partner.

Swear eternal love in Saint Michel

If you are looking for a special place outside of Paris, I advise you rent a car and travel to Normandy to live one of the most romantic experiences in France. You will enjoy the typical French landscapes and fields along the way and upon arrival you will feel like in the Middle Ages, because the mysticism and magic that this place holds will be perfect to achieve a sensational romantic date. You can visit it in the early hours of the morning or wait to see the sunset at the top. While you delight in the panorama, you can swear eternal love.

Ask for marriage in Etretat

From Paris to the cliffs of Etretat It will only take two and a half hours.Take everything prepared, because the immensity of the sea and the seagulls will be your accomplices for such a beautiful and romantic event. There, in addition to being able to witness such a wonderful landscape, you can delight yourself with part of the good French gastronomy and with the architecture and history that this magical place preserves. You have two options to declare your love, both with great value, since one of them is on the top of the cliffs and the other will be on the shore of the beach. Don't think twice and decide soon.

Any of the options you choose will be fantastic, because in any of these places you can breathe a lot of love and charm. Let the magic invade your senses and let the most sincere feelings flourish. If you want to know other places to ask for marriage and you want to recommend them to our readers, do not hesitate to leave your comment and if you want to help someone make this decision, you can share this post.

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