MahaNakhon, the impressive pixelated building of Bangkok

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The race to build the building The highest in the world we have been living in in recent years is nothing new. In fact, in medieval times it was already competing to create the tallest cathedral, since it was a way of showing that God was loved more in this place than in the rest of the territories. And we can go back even further. At the time, the Sumerians built ziggurats and the Egyptians pyramids. The goal in both cases was to be as close to heaven as possible, while paying homage to the gods. Of course, keep in mind that ambition has always been present in architects and bricklayers. With the passage of time, in addition, the builders realized that, at higher altitudes, more use was made of the land plot, something very practical in large cities, where the available square meters are scarce.

Logically, the world has changed a lot since then, but the desire to build tall buildings remains just as present. The main difference is that thanks to technological advances today we can find buildings whose height is overwhelming. It is the case of MahaNakhon, considered the tallest building in Thailand. Of course, in this case not only the height surprises, but its external appearance, since it seems to be pixelated. Do you want to find out more about it? Well, you just have to join us!

The tallest building in Thailand at the moment

The skyscraper that we show you today is called MahaNakhon and is located in Bangkok. Specifically, it is located in the Sathon business district. As we mentioned before, it is the tallest building in Thailand. And it has 77 plants spread over 314 meters high. Yes! You read correctly! However, this distinction will not last long, since in 2019 the inauguration of the IX Super Tower Rama, a structure that will reach 615 meters high, almost double that of the MahaNakhon.

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A surprising exterior appearance

What is most striking about this project designed by the German architect Ole Scheeren It is not its height, but its exterior appearance, since it has been designed as if it were a pixelated structure, something that has been possible thanks to the use of glass cubes, which are divided horizontally and vertically. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that the architect of the project has created inlets and outlets with the aim of promoting panoramic views of the city. As the architect pointed out on his website, the skyscraper has been carefully carved with the aim of introducing a three-dimensional ribbon of architectural pixels that are wrapped to reveal the interior life of the structure.

Multiple uses

In the 10,000 square meters of the building there is room for all kinds of spaces. In fact, the MahaNakhon will house 200 apartments at the Ritz-Carlton Residences (apparently, the square meter of these homes could reach 250,000 baht); 100 rooms of the Bangkok Edition Boutique Hotel, which will be operated by Marriot International; different shops and restaurants (a separate mention deserves the one located on the roof, since it offers panoramic 360º views over the city); a spectacular platform which will serve as a viewpoint ... In addition, in front of the building a 1,000-square-meter square has been built in which different cultural activities will take place.

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The MahaNakhon was inaugurated on August 29 with an impressive fireworks and light show. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of this spectacular building located in Thailand. Do not miss it!

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