North Sentinel, the most dangerous island on the planet

North Sentinel Island
Believe it or not, there are still corners of the planet to discover and precisely one of them we are going to talk about today. It is North Sentinel Island, a small island territory that belongs to the Andaman Islands, which is why they are found in the Indian Ocean. Considered as a sovereign entity under the protection of India, it is notable for the hostile attitude of the population towards any foreign visitor. In fact, some define it as the most dangerous of the world.

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A tremendously hostile race

As we were saying, today we want to tell you about the North Sentinel Island, considered the most dangerous and isolated island in the world, since its inhabitants do not maintain any type of contact with the outside and, in addition, they do not allow the entry of any visitor . This small territory is inhabited by the Sentinelese tribe, a completely inaccessible ethnic group. Already in the 13th century Marco Polo claimed that if a foreigner came to this land, they would kill him and eat him afterwards. And although many centuries have passed, they are still tremendously hostile, throwing spears and stones at any person, boat or plane that approaches the place. In fact, in 2006 two illegal fishermen who approached its coast ended up dead and buried on the shore.

North Sentinel Island1

The origin of the Sentinelese

According to the organization Survival International, the Sentinelese are the descendants of the first men who traveled from Africa about 60,000 years ago. Over the millennia, the tribe has been hunting, fishing, and gathering. Also, it is important to note that there is no evidence that they use fire. Although in the 1960s a Program contact with the tribe, had to be suspended in order to avoid confrontations and the introduction into the island of diseases. In fact, despite being a dependent territory of India, the authorities have long ignored the place and have also created a three-mile exclusion zone around the island.

North Sentinel Island2

2004 earthquake

Finally, we want to talk to you about the earthquake that took place in the area in 2004 and that not only changed the appearance of the island, but also caused the death many Sentinelese, although there are no data to confirm it. What we can assure you is that before the natural disaster, the island was about 72 square meters and its shape was more or less square. After the earthquake, the island rose between 1 and 2 meters, and large expanses of coral reefs became permanently dry land and shallow lagoons. Therefore, the limits of the island were expanded. And although many believed that all the Sentinelese would have died after the earthquake, days later it was verified thanks to a helicopter flight that some of them had survived. However, we cannot give an exact number of the number of inhabitants on the island at the moment, although it is estimated that they are less than 100. Although we would like to be able to finish with a wide gallery of images, the truth is that there are not many photographs of the place, and most of them are taken from the sky and are of poor quality. In fact, the photo at the beginning belongs to another tribe.

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