Everything you should know about Dubrovnik

It is not the capital of Croatia, but for many it is the most beautiful city in the country. Dubrovnik It has become one of the most popular destinations for Europeans during the summer, which is not surprising considering how much it can offer tourists.

Culturally it is a box of surprises, the views of the adriatic sea They are privileged and the beaches stand out for the purity of their crystalline waters. Of course, most of them are made of stones, so they have little to do with those of the Balearic Islands or Sardinia, which without a doubt are the ones that enjoy a greater reputation in the old continent.

Traveling by plane

If you are traveling to Dubrovnik, the most normal thing is that you do it in planeAlthough you can also do it by car or by boat. It will take a little over two hours to land from Barcelona and almost three hours if you fly from Madrid. Once in Dubrovnik airportYou can take a taxi that will take you to the city center for between 250-300 HRK (between 33 and 40 euros). Of course, ask the price before leaving so as not to get upset. There, as everywhere, you can meet the typical taxi driver who does everything possible to deceive customers.

Another option, much cheaper, is to take the bus Atlas Agency. You pay 40 HRK (about 5.50 euros) and in 40 minutes you stand very close to the historic center. It stops at Puerta de Pile and at the bus station in Puerto de Gruz.

Dubrovnik 2

Bus, taxi and car

It is very easy to recognize the city buses. They are orange and are called Libertas. They are available between 05:00 and 00:00 and usually run every 10 to 30 minutes for each stop. It is possible to get a ticket as soon as you get on the bus with cash and there is the possibility of buying a one-hour pass for 15 HRK (about 2 euros) or a 24-hour pass for 30 HRK (about 4 euros). Mind you, though, because the bus signs are in Croatian and you probably don't know which one to take. Look closely at the maps you will find at the stops and weigh the possibility of visiting Dubrovnik in the Cabrio City, a bus with audio-guide that costs 60 HRK (about 6 euros).

Taking a taxi is another option to get around the city, but it is obviously the most expensive of all. They are White color and you have to go to a taxi rank to get on one of them, since it is not allowed to stop them on the street. Negotiate the price before you start and keep in mind that there may be surcharges, such as traveling on a holiday or at night.

Dubrovnik 4
Finally, you are always on time rent a car to get to know the city, although it is not recommended. The historic center is 100% pedestrian and you will not be able to pass the Puerta de Pile. So it is silly to rent a car if you are only going to move around the center. Another thing is that you want to explore the outskirts and visit other cities. Think that in Dubrovnik there are only two gas stations and many streets are one-way.

What you can't miss

Dubrovnik city walls: They were built in the 13th century to protect themselves from invasions. Today they are no longer necessary for this function, but it cannot be denied that they have a lot of charm. They make you feel like in another era, and all this without losing sight of the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. In fact, more than one will feel like in "Game of Thrones", since it is the place they have chosen to record all the scenes that take place in King's Landing.
Dubrovnik Wall

Church of San Blas: It is a beautiful church that was built in 1715 following the instructions of the Venetian architect Marino Gropelli. Saint Blaise is the patron saint of the city, so it is not strange that it bears his name and a statue that was saved from the earthquake that shook Dubrovnik 1667, when the space was occupied by a 14th century Romanesque basilica. On February 3 San Blas is celebrated and the building takes on a special role. It is located in Plaza Luza (no number) and only opens for mass from Monday to Saturday at 08:00 and 17:30. On Sundays it is open at 11:30 a.m. and at 5:30 p.m. The entrance is always free.

church of Saint Blaise Dubrovnik
Franciscan monastery: It is located at the beginning of one of the liveliest streets in the city, Stradun Street. It has the Puerta de Pile next to it and it is a must-see for all tourists. The Franciscan Order was installed in Dubrovnik in 1235, although the first data on its current location date from the 14th century. Already in the 17th century they added a library where we can find numerous manuscripts, paintings by unknown artists, coral pieces or votive jewelry. In fact, it even has the head of Santa Úrsula as a relic. It is a perfect place to relax amid all the hustle and bustle in the summer months.

Franciscan monastery Dubrovnik
Sponza Palace: Merchants always came to this palace during the 16th century.It is also known as Divona and was built between 1516 and 1521. It combines various artistic styles of the time and that gives it a special appeal. In fact, it is the place chosen by many Dubrovnik citizens to get married.

Sponza Palace
Dubrovnik Cathedral: It is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It was built after the earthquake of 1667 thanks to the dedication of the priest and diplomat Stjepan Gradić, who moved to raise enough money to raise it. They hired the Italian architect Andrea Buffalini de Urbino and the works began in 1671, although they did not finish until 42 years later. The façade highlights the blue color of the dome that blends with the red roofs of the city. The interior is even more beautiful and contains hundreds of reliquaries of saints in polished gold and silver. They are the ones that are carried during the procession on the feast of San Blas, on February 3.

Dubrovnik Cathedral
Beaches: The one in Banje, a few meters from the Ploce Gate, is the most popular in the city. Of course, as in all of them, you will have to wear the appropriate footwear to avoid hurting yourself with the stones that hinder your first steps in the water. As I mentioned earlier, those in Dubrovnik are not fine sandy beaches, but they can at least boast crystal clear waters. In fact, they say that Croatia's are the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean, something that will be difficult for them to keep in mind that not all tourists are educated.

Banje beach

Game of Thrones route

Fan of "Game of Thrones«? You are not the only one, of course. So you shouldn't be surprised to see people taking pictures of themselves in Dubrovnik as if they were characters from the HBO series. It is the place they have chosen to record the scenes of King's Landing and that has made it possible for specific tours to be offered today in packs that can be around 60 euros. The Lovrijenac Fortress, the Trsteno arboretum, the Pile Gate, the Minceta Tower, Stari Grad… Aim all these sites and visit them on your own. Everything is very close.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones

Basic information

- Official language: Croatian
- Currency: Croatian kuna (HRK)
- Equivalence in euros: 0.133600127 euros
- Plugs: Type F (like those in Spain)
- Voltage: 230 V
- Time zone: GMT (+02: 00), as in Spain
- Calling prefix: +385

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