What to do during a few days of disconnection in Andorra

Andorra It is one of the best destinations for skiing, but also much more, since the principality is also one of the most special places to spend a few days of tranquility and disconnection away from home. For this reason, below we present a travel plan, in which you can appreciate how sports can be combined with more conventional tourism.

Also, before preparing the trip, it is important to consult which is the best offer with fort in Andorra, since once hired, you can project all the escape around the ski day.

A complete and diverse itinerary

Before even skiing, it is interesting to approach the capital of the principality, Andorra la Vella. Charming and small, it is ideal to be visited on foot. Among its most attractive places include, among others, the Casa de la Vall and the churches of Sant Esteve, Santa Coloma and San Vicenç d’Enclar. Likewise, Avenida de Meritxell is the commercial epicenter of the city, so you can buy everything you want there. Similarly, a complete visit to the city should include the Central Park, the green lung of the capital.

Likewise, a small getaway to Andorra must also include a visit to one of its Natural spaces. Thus, without even having to leave the Andorran capital, you can choose to take two different routes: the Rec del Solà and the Rec de L’Obac, the two sides of the well-known Green Belt.

The Roc LookoutAt 1,900 meters high, it is another of the most recommended natural areas in Andorra. Likewise, the principality also has several lakes of glacial origin, among which the Llac d’Engolasters, the Estanys de Juclà, the Circus of Pessons and the Estany de la Nou stand out.

Regarding the cultural dimension, some visits to the Comic Museum, the Júlia Center - Perfume Museum, as well as the National Automobile Museum. In addition, it is also advisable to take advantage of the trip to Andorra to get to know some of its picturesque towns such as Pal, Les Bons, Ordino or Fontaneda.

The best ski resorts in Andorra

In Andorra there are several ski resorts to choose from, each with its own particularities. In Esquiades.com You can find all the updated offers and the best prices to practice this sport in the principality. Below, you can learn a little more information about some of the best ski resorts in Andorra.

Grandvalira. Considered one of the best ski resorts in Andorra, Grandvalira is also the largest in all of the Pyrenees. With six different sectors, the station has more than 200 kilometers of skiable slopes. The Grandvalira station also has ski lifts and cable cars. In addition, Grandvalira is characterized by offering a wide variety of hotel offerings, making it easy to find the best place to stay. The station also offers a wide variety of activities including, among others, excursions with snowshoes and races with snowmobiles.

Vallnord Pal - Arinsal. Located near Andorra La Vella, the Vallnord Pal - Arinsal station has 63 kilometers of ski slopes, of which 7 are green, 16 blue, 17 red and 4 black. The station also has an extensive offer of activities, aimed at both adults and children.

Vallnord Ordino - Arcalís. Located a little more distance from the capital than the previous station, Vallnord Ordino - Arcalís stands out for its small size, with only 30 kilometers of skiable slopes. Among other services, the station offers a good training offer, divided according to the type of class desired. In this sense, for all those who are not yet very skilful with skis, this station can be very comfortable.

Naturlandia. Although it is not a ski resort, Naturlandia is a good alternative for families who want to experience adventures in natural spaces. Located in the La Rabbasa area, this park presents different options depending on each time of year. In this way, during the winter it is possible to practice skiing and participate in snow mini-bike races, for example; while during the summer the preferred possibility for the little ones is always to go down the Tobotranc - the longest slide inserted in nature in the world with a length of five meters.

Parador Canaro. Although it is a slightly old station, its facilities continue to be in good condition for skiing.In any case, this is the best option for families with young children or for people who are still beginning skiing and who, perhaps, have not yet lost all fear of jumping.

D I S C O N N E C T E D : A David Soriano experimental shortfilm set in Andorra. (November 2022)

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