Holiday Rome: Road Trip to the Amalfi Coast

The months of July, August and September are ideal for visiting a country like Italy, as its climate is very pleasant to go out and enjoy its roads and the various activities that its cities offer. If it is the first time you travel to this country, the ideal is that you know its main jewels: Rome, Venice and Florence, although it would not be bad at all that after knowing the capital you escaped to the Amalfi coast doing the route that I bring you in this post. Don't worry about transportation, make the decision now and rent a car in Rome at a good price, this way your Road Trip will be safe, very comfortable and you will manage the time as you wish.

What to see in Rome?

Upon arriving at Rome It will be inevitable to want to run away to know the Roman Coliseum, but keep calm, because most likely you will have to wait a bit, as it is known, the queues are a bit long due to the large number of visitors that receives diary. The same will happen in the Roman Forum and in the Pantheon, so I recommend patience. But in Rome these places that I have mentioned are not only important, their history and culture go beyond the gladiator shows and the fights between beasts. A clear point for which this city is recognized is also the artistic one, and proof of this is found in the Navona Square, where the Neptune fountain, the one with the 4 rivers and the Moor fountain rests. And only a few streets away is the famous Trevi Fountain, which is a little more crowded. So I advise you to wake up early and go for your picture as soon as possible. Ah! And don't forget that with your back to this fountain you must ensure your return to Rome by tossing a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.

Another reason that most drives people to travel to Rome is the possibility of getting to know the Vatican, since it is there that the “holy see”, the highest institution of the Catholic religion, is housed and where it is possible to appreciate the genius of the famous Migue Angel in the fresco of "Last Judgment" and other artists such as Boticelli, Perugino and Rocelli in works like the life of Moses and Jesus Christ, distributed on nearby panels inside the chapel. Your trip there will be complete when you visit St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Castle of San Angello. It is evident that there are many more places to visit, but getting to them depends on the time you have on your vacation. For now, let's start our journey to Naples.


What to see in Naples?

Did you know that in Naples Is the most exquisite pizza in the world made? Well, you can't leave Italy without checking it out. ÇFrom Rome it will only take you 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach this gastronomic paradise. You may rent your car and stay there just one day to discover its main architectural and natural attractions. Of course, if you have more time, you can stay there for a couple of nights and get to know the city in more detail. There are several companies that offer the guide service, so it will be easier for you to visit the historic center, the Gothic Basilica of Santa Clara, the Cathedral of Naples and the Piazza del Plebiscito. The latter is very powerful because it brings together 3 of the most historically relevant buildings in the city: The Royal Palace, The Basilica of San Francisco and the Salerno Palace.


Heading to the beach

After this great visit, all you have to do is follow the path and meet the sea. You have 2 options on this route: get to Sorrento and settle there to enjoy the city and the beach for a few days or spend a day just to get to know it all, enjoy the scenery from the top of the cliffs, and start again until Amalfi.

If you chose the second option, then your tour will take approximately one hour. Upon arrival you will find that this part of the Italian coast is bathed by the tyrrhenian sea and that it has the most wonderful landscapes on the coast, since the intense colors of the mountain mix with those of the sea, leading to an ecstasy from which you will not want to escape.

Depending on where you decide to stay you will have access to different beaches. The most natural thing is that you are doing this route through the Via Marconi, so you can get to one of my favorite beaches, a place where your gaze is easily lost in the blue of the sea Marina Grande. Later, along the same road, you will find Arienzo, a serene municipality where one of the cleanest and quietest beaches on this coast is located. It is ideal to relax while taking a good sunbath, and from there in just 30 minutes you will finally be in Amalfi.Obviously, during your stay there you will be able to know some places that are of utmost importance to the municipality and its inhabitants, but you will also be able to enjoy the beach, its sand and the spectacular views that it offers you when sunset falls.

Amalfi Coast
Do you know another beach where travelers can feel at ease while touring the Amalfi Coast? Let us know your experience by writing us in the comments and remember that, when you remove your car from the counter, you must inform about your plan and it is desirable that you ask about the additional costs that can be generated by tolls. This way you will not have surprise charges later. If you found this post interesting, don't leave without sharing it.

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