British Airways i360, a spectacular viewpoint in Brighton

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Last Thursday, August 4, one of the most spectacular towers on the planet opened its doors, not because it was the tallest, but because it was the thinnest. We are referring to the British Airways i360, a project carried out in Brighton, England, that has broken three records. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! Thus, in addition to being the most slender tower ever built, it includes the tallest mobile observatory in the world and is the first vertical cable car on the entire planet.

Although the truth is that this architectural work has not been to everyone's liking, it is worth visiting if you have the opportunity to travel to the coastal city of Brighton Located in the south of the United Kingdom, it is famous for its amusement park, located in front of the sea, and for its wonderful beaches. Would you like to discover more details about the new point of interest in the English city? Well, we recommend that you be very attentive to what we tell you next!

From the creators of the London Eye

The viewpoints are usually a great attraction for tourism, especially if they are architectural works as amazing as the glass viewpoint located 4,000 meters high in the Alps or the vertigo viewpoint in Chicago. The one that has been recently launched is the British Airways i360, which, as we mentioned at the beginning, is also the first vertical cable car on the planet and the world's slimmest tower. It is a project designed by the architecture studio Marks Barfield Architects, who, incidentally, also designed the London Eye, one of the main tourist attractions in London, as well as an icon of the English capital.

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360º panoramic views

The tower, which measures 161.74 meters, is especially surprising for the views it offers to those who dare to climb it. And it is that it allows you to observe 360º panoramic views at 138 meters above sea level. The cable car is 18 meters in diameter and is capable of accommodating up to 200 people, who will be able to contemplate, for 20 minutes by day and half an hour by night, the narrow streets of Brighton, the brilliant blue sea, its cliffs, the South Downs National Park and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Logically, this journey is not free: it costs £ 13.50 per adult and £ 6.75 per child. Of course, children under 4 years old can enter for free.

Space for children

Users will not only have the possibility to contemplate 360º panoramic views, but through an application available in different Languages They will be able to identify the points of tourist interest that can be glimpsed. They will also be able to see a video that shows the entire construction process. In addition, they have not forgotten the children, offering them a space with games and treasure hunts.

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Other parts of the enclosure

It is important to note that, beyond the mobile gazebo, the enclosure also includes other attractions, such as a restaurant, a store, a café and a tea room, which are located at ground level, in a beachfront building . The restaurant, The Belle Vue, which is run by Steven Edwards, winner of the English version of MasterChef 2013, deserves a special mention. The only bad thing about this new attraction is that it did not like many of the inhabitants of Brighton, as its Modern look doesn't square with the city's Victorian style. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of this spectacular tower that has broken several records. Do not miss it!

British Airways i360 Timelapse (May 2024)

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