The 7 most threatened historical places in Europe

We live in a continent full of monuments and tremendously interesting places but, unfortunately, many of them are on the verge of disappearing, either due to lack of resources, neglect, or the desire to renew them… Luckily, the program “The 7 Most Endangered”It is in charge of identifying endangered sites in Europe, develops a plan to save them and mobilizes public and private partners at local, national and European level with the aim of finding a viable future for them.

This program, which was launched in January 2013 by Europa Nostra together with the European Investment Bank Institute (EIB) and the Council of Europe Development Bank, has just released the list of the 7 most popular places threatened from Europe in 2016. Would you like to discover what are the sad winners of this year? You just have to join us!

Yereruyk Temple and the village of Ani Pemza, Armenia

First of all, we have to talk about the Yereuyk temple, which sits on an isolated rocky plateau near the Turkish-Armenian border. Although for a time this 6th century basilica was one of the largest and most important centers in the region, today it is in poor condition, among other things because of the damage caused by various earthquakes. Of course, the entire archaeological zone surrounding the basilica must also be taken into account.

Patarei prison in Tallinn, Estonia

Jail Patarei
On the other hand, the organization has proposed saving the Patarei Prison in Tallinn, the largest and most impressive classical-style defense complex in the country, which was used as a prison between 1920 and 2005. For the past decade, buildings have remained empty , suffering numerous acts of vandalismAlthough its main threat is its rapid deterioration due to the harsh climate and lack of maintenance.

Helsinki-Malmi Airport, Finland

Helsinki Malmi Airport
From Estonia we moved to Finland to talk about the Helsinki-Malmi Airport, built for the 1940 Olympics, which were canceled due to World War II. The problem with this historic site is not that it is in poor condition, but that it is under serious threat from a new project of development who intends to use the place to build houses.

Colbert Suspension Bridge in Dieppe, France

Colbert Bridge
In France we also find a historical place that is in danger of extinction. It is the Colbert Suspension Bridge in the Norman city of Dieppe. Contemporary with the Eiffel Tower, it is considered the last great bridge pendant from Europe that works with its original hydraulic compression system. Unfortunately, it has not been properly maintained, which has led to great deterioration. Luckily, the damage is reversible.

Kampos region in Chios, Greece

The organization has also selected the Kampos Region on the Chios Island of Greece. It is a semi-rural area that exemplifies the coexistence of styles and influences of Byzantine, Genoese and local architecture. It is important to note that the existing urban fabric includes historical buildings from the XIV-XVIII centuries and neoclassical buildings from the beginning of the XX century. The problem is that the owners are unable to maintain their properties.

Convent of San Antonio de Padua in Extremadura, Spain

Saint Anthony of padua
Spain is also represented in this list. Specifically, we have to talk about the Convent of San Antonio de Padua, which is located in the town of Garrovillas de Alconétar, Cáceres. The religious building, which was built in the late 15th century, is in an advanced state of deterioration, despite being classified as a Property of Cultural Interest in 1991.

Ancient city of Hasankeyf and its surroundings, Turkey

Finally, we have to talk about the ancient city of Hasankeyf, which is located on the banks of the Tigris River, in the southeast of Turkey, near the border with Syria. It is a settlement over 12,000 years old with a rich history and heritage multicultural. However, 80% of the area will be flooded if the Ilisu hydroelectric dam project is carried out as planned.

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