The best beaches in Ecuador

Galapagos Islands
While in the northern hemisphere we are counting the days for the arrival of spring, which will mean that summer and holidays will be closer, in other areas of the planet they are lucky to be able to enjoy pleasant temperatures practically all year round. As you know, it is not necessary to leave the country to discover this type of climate, since our Canary Islands are a good example. However, today we want to move to Ecuador to discover a little more about this South American country.

You may never have considered traveling to this corner of South America, but the truth is that it houses many areas of tourist interest thanks to its varied culture and its great biodiversity. So, for example, you can enjoy attractive Beaches. Fancy discovering some of the best? Well, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we tell you below!

Mompiche Beach

First of all we want to talk about Playa de Mompiche, a small and quiet town that is a true paradise for lovers of nature, in addition to being an ideal place for surf lovers, since it has one of the largest waves in the entire country.

Los Frailes Beach

The Friars
We also want to tell you about Los Frailes, a virgin, clean and the most peaceful beach located in the Machalilla National Park. Although it is perfect for families, you have to be careful of the waves and currents. You will enjoy taking a bath, walking or simply enjoying the scenery.

Montañita beach

Another beach that could not miss on the list is that of Montañita, a town that has become the mecca of the surf for surfers, in addition to being a sandy area with a young and party spirit, especially at night. It is important to note that one of the beach areas is a turtle conservation area.

Las Salinas Beach

The Salinas
Without a doubt, one of the best urban beaches in Ecuador is Las Salinas, which is located in the province of Santa Elena. How could it be otherwise, it is a destination full of fun and entertainment.

Atacames beach

Atacames beach is one of the busiest in the province of Esmeraldas, something that is not surprising considering that it is full of services, including tropical drinks and music. It is also important to bear in mind that, just 300 meters away, is the Atacames Estuary, which houses a mangrove swamp.

Canoa Beach

As it could not be otherwise, we also have to tell you about Playa de Canoa, a town located in the province of Manabí. In its 17 kilometers long you can enjoy beautiful beaches ideal for surfing and a lot of clubs and restaurants that stay open well into the night.

Manta Beaches

Nor can the beaches of Manta, an important city on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, be on this list. Its two main sandy areas are Playa del Murciélago and Playa de Tarqui, both urban and with one endowed infrastructure tour. The waters of this place are ideal for practicing all kinds of water sports.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands1
Finally, we want to talk about the Galapagos Islands, which offers really impressive beaches. Without a doubt, the most surprising thing is that here you can be in direct contact with animals wildThey do not flee in terror when they see people, nor do they usually attack human beings.


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