6 questions you should ask yourself when planning your next trip

Are you a restless ass? Welcome to the club! To those who we love to travel It usually happens to us that when we arrive from a getaway we are already thinking about the next one. Of course, so that everything comes out to ask for it is good to plan the trip in advance.

In this article I am going to share a series of tips that I think will be useful for you because they will help you make the best possible decisions. It is true that improvising can work out for you, but no less true is that preparing things with time usually has its advantages.

1- How many days do you have?

Having two weeks of vacation is not the same as having 3 or 4 days off. In the latter case, it may not be a good idea to take a 12-hour flight, since you will hardly be able to enjoy yourself at your destination. Short days getaways require short trips so you don't waste too much time during the journey.

2- Who are you going to travel with?

It is not nonsense. This question is what you should ask yourself to know what type of trip you can plan. Traveling alone or as a couple is not the same as traveling with children. The plans change completely, both for interest and for available time. If you go with a three-year-old child, you must arm yourself with patience, since he will have his needs and will not walk as fast as you would with your partner when he had not yet arrived in the world. It is necessary to know how to adapt and plan the trip according to the rhythm of travel and preferences of those who are going to travel.


3- What is your objective?

There are many reasons to travel. You can do it for a cultural theme, in search of adventure, to relax, with the aim of tasting the best of the gastronomy of the place ... The answer to that question will condition your planning more than you think.

4- Are you going to travel to a safe country?

Not all countries are safe, at least at one point. That is something that may be due to political instability, wars, terrorist attacks, to outbreaks and epidemics ... You have to be well informed before taking out the tickets.

5- Will you hire activities?

There are many forms of travel. There are those who go it alone and never hire activities for whatever reason, but other people prefer to go with a guide and take excursions to live experiences that they could hardly live if they did not hire activities. Best of all, there are specialized pages that let you know what options you have, how much it costs and how much time you should invest.


6- What travel insurance are you going to choose?

I could ask if you are going to take out travel insurance, but I take it for granted, especially if you travel outside your country or with children. Do not forget that any unforeseen event can make your vacation bitter and that it is better to be protected by what may happen. Nowadays you can compare prices and coverage quickly thanks to the typical websites that are insurance comparators.

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