Places of Spain most photographed on Instagram in 2015

Guell0 Park
As you know, for the past few years Instagram It has gained a lot of popularity. In fact, it already has more than 400 million unique users. Of course, many of them use this social network to display photos of their travels.

Why are we talking about Instagram? Well, because, one more year, the social network has analyzed its data and has wanted to show us which are the most photographed places on the planet. In this case we are going to focus on Spain. As you can see for yourself below, Barcelona wins by a landslide in this ranking, since it occupies 6 of the top 10 positions. Do you want to discover more details? Well watch out!

Park Güell, Barcelona

Guell Park1
First of all, we have to talk about the Park Güell which, located in Barcelona, ​​is one of the most representative icons of Barcelona. It is a work of genius Antoni Gaudí Located in the upper part of the Catalan capital, from where you can contemplate wonderful views, in addition to enjoying modernist works and a beautiful green environment.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

Camp Nou
The second most photographed place in Spain in Spain is the Camp Nou, which is also located in Barcelona. As you already know, it's about stadium F.C. Barcelona. It is important to note that the Barça Museum, which is located on the premises, is the most visited museum in Catalonia.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

sacred Family
As it could not be otherwise, La Sagrada Familia is also present in the list, in this case occupying the third position. Also located in the city of Barcelona, ​​this work by Gaudí continues without Finalize. The works are estimated to finish in 2026.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid

real madrid bernabeu
In fourth position we find another soccer field again. In this case it is the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, headquarters of the Real Madrid. Located in the Spanish capital, it is considered one of the soccer temples. And that was built in 1947!

Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Sun Gate
We are still in Madrid to tell you about Puerta del Sol, which this year occupies fifth place. It is undoubtedly one of the plazas most famous of the capital, since in it you can find some of the most significant buildings.

El Retiro, Madrid

Another corner of Madrid on the list is El Retiro Park, which occupies the sixth position. It occupies 125 hectares and hosts more than 15.00 trees. Some of his gardens The main ones are those of Vivaces, those of Cecilio Rodríguez, those of the Architect Herrero Palacios, the Rosaleda and the French Parterre.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Las Ramblas
We return to Barcelona to tell you about Las Ramblas, one of the best-known corners of Barcelona. In fact, this 1.3 kilometer walk that connects the Plaza de Cataluña with the old port is always animated and packed with street performers and tourists. Of course, there is no lack of terraces.

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Ibiza

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel
At number 8 on the list we find the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, which is located in Ibiza, and more specifically on the beach d'En Bossa. This modern hotel has become famous for the performances of great DJ’s, in addition to its magnificent facilities.

Catalonia Square, Barcelona

Cataluna Square
In ninth position we find the Plaza de Cataluña, one of the points neuralgic from the city of Barcelona. With 30,000 square meters, it is considered one of the largest squares in Spain.

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

We finish the ranking as we have started: talking about Barcelona. In this case we have to talk about Barceloneta Beach, which is also the best known in the entire city. Above all, its pubs and restaurants.

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