The most beautiful castles in Europe

Beautiful beaches, impressive natural spaces, cosmopolitan cities, towns that seem straight out of fairy tales, spectacular prehistoric sites, important monuments, buildings that take your breath away ... In case you haven't guessed, we are talking about Europe, a continent that has a lot to offer the traveler, such as beautiful castles that have managed to remain in perfect condition despite the passage of time.

Located in incredible places (on mountains, in the middle of lakes, surrounded by vegetation ...), the castles allow us to discover a part of the story starring princesses and knights. Do you want to discover which are the most beautiful in Europe? Well, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we tell you below! Of course, we apologize in advance for all those beautiful castles that we have not been able to include in our list.

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

First of all, we want to tell you about the Lichtenstein Castle, which is located in the Swabian Mountains, in Germany, a region where you can find numerous buildings of this type. Built on the remains of a strength medieval, it has an elegant and very careful appearance.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

We are still in Germany to tell you about Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built by orders of the Mad King. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, the construction has a medieval appearance, although it is true that it was built in the second half of the 19th century. Walt disney was inspired by him to create the castle of Sleeping Beauty.

Alcazar de Segovia, Spain

Alcazar of Segovia
Although there are many beautiful castles that we can find in Spain, today we are only going to tell you about the wonderful Alcázar de Segovia, which was the preferred residence of the Kings of castile during the Middle Ages.

Chenonceau Castle, France

France is one of the countries in Europe where the most castles can be found. One of the most impressive is that of Chenonceau, also known as the Castle of the Ladies. Is found in Chenonceaux, in the Indre-et-Loire department and is part of the Loire Valley Castles.

Bran Castle, Romania

From France we moved to Romania, where we can find Bran Castle, a medieval construction also known as the Dracula's castle. Located in Transylvania, it served as inspiration for Bran Stocker, creator of Count Dracula, one of the most famous characters of all time.

Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

We continue our tour of the most beautiful castles of Europe in Denmark, where we can find Frederiksborg Castle, which is considered the most important work of the Renaissance Danish.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

In Ireland is Ashford Castle, from the early 13th century. Despite having many centuries of history, it is preserved in very good condition. In addition, it is surrounded by a environment really spectacular natural. Today the castle is a hotel where you can spend a fantasy night.

Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria

From Ireland we moved to Austria, where the Hochosterwitz Castle is located, a great fortress located in Catarina, and more specifically in a promontory 160 meters high. It was first mentioned in 860.

Pena Palace, Portugal

Pena Palace
Among the most impressive buildings in all of Portugal is the Pena Palace, one of the main residences of the Portuguese royal family during the 19th century. Located in the city of Sintra, it is a beautiful castle of style Romantic.

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Finally, we want to talk about Trakai Castle, the most beautiful medieval castle in Lithuania. Located in the middle of a lake, this construction is surrounded by beautiful forests.

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