The hotel where Sofía Vergara got married

The Breakers Palm Beach
Whether or not you are interested in the world of gossip, you have surely learned that this weekend the wedding of one of the highest paid actresses of the moment has taken place. We are referring to Sofia Vergara, who has given "yes, I want" to also actor Joe Manganiello. Well, although in Hard Hobbit To Break the details of the link of these two interpreters do not matter to us at all, there is something that has caught our attention. The hotel where the wedding was held.

Vergara and Manganiello got married in a spectacular hotel in Palm beach, in Florida (United States) and we have not been able to resist showing it to you. Do you want to join us? We assure you that what we are going to show you next will leave you with your mouth open!

500,000 euros of wedding

Many celebrities tend to marry eccentrically, but Sofía Vergara and her new husband have wanted to be more traditional and celebrate the link in a hotel, which is quite common. Of course, we say traditional for the type of place chosen and not for the hotel in question, since very few people could afford to hold a link in style at the hotel The breakers, as did the actress of "Modern Family" who, apparently, spent 500,000 euros on the link.

The Breakers Palm Beach1

Facing the Pacific Ocean

Returning to the topic at hand, The Breakers resort is located in Florida. As you can see for yourself in the images that we offer you in the gallery, it is a spectacular resort Located on the first line, facing the Atlantic Ocean, right in the heart of Palm Beach. The hotel not only surprises the main building, in the Renaissance style, but its wide green spaces and colorful Mediterranean-style gardens.

The Breakers Palm Beach2

All kinds of amenities

Although the hotel has invested many millions of dollars in renovations over the past decade, it still maintains its historical heritage. It is located in a space of 56 hectares and is only one hour from the Miami airport. As you can imagine, the hotel has Beach private, although this is not the only thing that makes it special. And, in addition, it has 5 pools facing the sea, 4 jacuzzis, 52 beach bungalows, a Beach Club and Spa, 9 restaurants, 5 bars, 11 shops and boutiques, 10 tennis courts, a complete golf course, a family entertainment center and a children's camp. The spa deserves a special mention, offering massages and exclusive facial and body treatments. Surely many of the wedding attendees enjoyed it.

The Breakers Palm Beach3

The rooms

The hotel has no more and no less than 540 rooms. As you can imagine, in any of them you will feel like your own House. And they have air conditioning, minibar, DVD player, flat screen TV with cable channels, free Internet connection and free WiFi, free newspapers ...

The Breakers Palm Beach4

Flager Club

Finally, we want to tell you about the Flager Club, a boutique hotel within The Breakers that is located on the last two floors of the building. The 25 rooms of this place are designed in great detail, providing guests with a unique experience. Access to this part of the hotel is private and those staying here can enjoy the Club Lounge and Terrace, which has been designed by Adam D. Tihany. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of this spectacular hotel located in Palm Beach. Do not miss it!

Sofía Vergara se casa (October 2022)

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