The most violent countries in the world

violent countries
Normally, when choosing a vacation destination, we take into account factors such as prices, artistic and cultural heritage, natural landscapes, beaches, museums ... However, on many occasions we forget a fundamental factor: the security. And, while it is true that we can face dangerous situations in any corner of the world, there are some countries that are more violent than others and, therefore, we must avoid as much as possible.

So that you can have more useful information when organizing your trips, today at Hard Hobbit To Break we talk about the most violent countries of 2015. For this, we are going to rely on the Global Peace Index 2015, a document that informs about which are the most peaceful and the most dangerous countries on the planet. Do you want to join us?

1. Syria

As it could not be otherwise, the most violent country in the world right now is Syria, which since 2011 is in civil war. We remember that the Islamic State (IS) is trying to build a state in some countries in the Middle East, although it could be said that the situation is even more serious in Syria, from where many refugees have left.

2. Iraq

Although the war in Iraq officially ended in 2011 (we remember that in 2003 the United States and the United Kingdom invaded this country in the Middle East), the climate of insecurity has only grown. The kidnappings to foreigners, the risk of attacks or violence against civilians are some of the reasons why Iraq is at number 2 on the list.

3. Afghanistan

Nor could Afghanistan be missing from this list. For many years now, it has been considered an extremely dangerous country. As you can imagine, the threat terrorist from Islamic groups and kidnappings of foreigners are some of the biggest threats in the country.

4. South Sudan

South Sudan
Although they achieved independence 4 years ago, South Sudan has been involved in a civil war for more than two years that has killed 50,000 people. In addition, it is one of the countries with the highest number of displaced and refugees from the world.

5. Central African Republic

Central African Republic
Since the Central African Republic was founded in 1958, the country has suffered several coups. Although in 2014 the country has a new government, the conflicts armed continue, destroying communities across the country. In fact, according to UNICEF figures, at least one child was killed or mutilated every day in 2014 and more than 10,000 were recruited by armed groups.

6. Somalia

Another African country on this list is Somalia, which has been at civil war since 1991, when there were insurrections against the Mohamed Siad Barre regime. In addition to violence, one of the country's main problems is famine.

7. Sudan

We have talked about South Sudan before, but the Republic of Sudan is also on the list, specifically in position number 7. This country is considered a system authoritarian in which human rights are conspicuous by their absence.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo
In eighth place we find the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which in 2011 was also considered the most poor of the planet. Armed conflicts have dominated the landscape since the country became independent in 1960, leaving behind millions of deaths.

9. Pakistan

We return to the Middle East to talk to you about Pakistan, where in 2004 an armed conflict broke out between groups religious and he exercised the country. Today, violent religious groups continue to be the main threat in the country in which attacks are daily bread.

10. North Korea

North Korea
The tenth place on the list goes to North Korea, which has entered the list, among other things on the merits of the country's leader, the dictator. Kim Jong-un, which has scared a good part of the population. We must not forget its war with South Korea and the nuclear threats that are spilled from this Asian country.

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