Best destinations in the world to travel in 2016

At Hard Hobbit To Break we love to show you rankings related to travel, since they are super useful when organizing a vacation. And, in many cases, these allow us to know some of the best destinations on the planet. This is the case of the list that we offer you today: Best Value City Index from Trivago.

For the third consecutive year, the specialized travel portal has launched a ranking that shows the 100 best destinations in the world to travel in 2016. To prepare it, Trivago It is based on the results of an algorithm that weighs the online reputation of the destination's hotel plant, the tourist attractions in its surroundings and the cheapest prices. Today we are going to show you the top 10 places in the ranking. Do you want to join us?

Fenghuang, China

In first position we find Fenghuang, a Chinese city that is famous for its wooden houses and its bridges majestic that are located on the Tuo river. This place seems to have stopped in time. In fact, it preserves more than 20 old streets, with intact residences.

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Mostar, the second largest city in Bosnia-Herzegovina, has ranked second this year. Its old town stands out, full of narrow streets medieval and, of course, its bridge, the symbol of coexistence between different cultures. A large part of the city was rebuilt after the war, although some traces of the horror lived years ago can still be seen.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo
Closing the top 3 we find Veliko Tarnovo, a city located in northern Bulgaria. Considered as one of the centers cultural of the country, the city was once the capital of Bulgaria and, in fact, preserves features from that splendid time, such as the walls of the Tsarevets Fortress.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad
Novi Sad, who is the main administrative center of the Vojvodina Autonomous Province, Serbia, is in fourth place this year. Numerous cultural events are held here and festivals. Of course, the most remarkable thing is that it has always been a place for the reconciliation of different cultures.

Pingyao, China

We return to China to tell you about Pingyao, a medieval city that is surrounded by a six-kilometer wall. Declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco, the city preserves many buildings from medieval times.

Sibiu, Romania

In Romania we find sixth place on the list. We are referring to Sibiu, an important cultural and economic center of Transylvania. Its old town still preserves the grandiosity from the time when the region's trade was rich and powerful. Its historical area is still protected by medieval walls.

Suzdal, Russia

In seventh place we find Suzdal, one of the most important cities of the so-called Golden Ring. Despite the little tourist atmosphere of the place, this destination hides about 200 monuments architectural, being able to find more than 30 churches, museums and five monasteries.

Pécs, Hungary

In Europe is also the eighth place in the ranking. It is Pécs, one of the most charming cities in Hungary. It is a locality multicultural founded by the Romans. Despite the passing of the Turks and the Austrians and the proximity to Croatia and Serbia, it still preserves remains of the ancient Roman city.

Wayanad, India

The first Indian destination in the ranking is Wayand, a district belonging to the state of Kerala. Without a doubt, what surprises and most amazes this place is its natural beauty. Virgin. In fact, deep in these lands are some of the oldest tribes on the planet.

Dali, China

Finally, we have to talk about Dali, one of the unknown jewels in China. In addition to being a place full of paradises Natural, it is also striking for the many mystical enclaves that can be found here.

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