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Are you already thinking about the destination for your next vacation? Well if you are still not clear to which corner of the world you want to travel this time, the best thing you can do is inform yourself well about those places you have in mind so that you know which one can really offer you what you want. In Hard Hobbit To Break You will find a lot of super useful information about a lot of places.

The tourist videos that we are going to show you today can also be very practical. These are the winners of a contest organized by the 21st General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (OMT), which has just been held in Medellín, Colombia. The contest rewards the best promotional videos of tourism in the member states. On this occasion, 51 films have been presented. Do you want to discover the winning videos? Well, do not miss anything we tell you below!


The winning video from the Africa area has been the one from Tunisia: “Tunisia: I Feel Like”. In less than 4 minutes duration, we can see how this country is ideal for adventure sports, whether in the middle of the desert or the ocean, enjoying its beautiful Beaches, ride a camel, contemplate spectacular landscapes, tour typical markets and discover its rich historical heritage.


The video from Ecuador has been the winner of the American zone, something that does not surprise us, since the images are most evocative. "All You Need is Ecuador" ("All you need is Ecuador"), is the campaign promotion tourism in the country that was simultaneously activated in 19 cities around the world (seven of them Ecuadorian) on April 1. The objective was clear: to promote the country as a world-class tourist destination. Without a doubt, seeing the images makes you want to visit it.


“Think Hungary - More than expected” is the winning video in the European category. Published in November 2013, it shows all the faces Hungary, a country that increasingly receives more tourists. Thus, they tell us about its romantic culture, its inspiring cities, the Héviz thermal lake, its spectacular Balaton lake, its medicinal baths, its ingenious innovations or its gastronomy.

Macao, China

The promotional video for Macao, China has been the winner of the Pacific and East Asia. Published by the Macao Government Tourism Office, "Vibrant Moments Experience Macau" shows everything that can be found in this corner of China. According to the authorized travel guide of Lonely planetMacao is one of the 10 best regions in the world in 2015.


The best video in the Middle East has been the one presented by Palestine, entitled “Spirituality of Palestine”. As you may have imagined by the title, the images are intended to show the spirituality that you can live in this intense country that, despite the conflicts, every year receives the visit of thousands of tourists.


The award for the best promotional video in Southeast Asia went to “Maldives MMPRC 30s 29 04 15”, a video that shows the best of the Maldives in just 32 seconds. Thus, we can see its impressive beaches, its beautiful sea crystalline, its impressive resorts and its rich marine life, among other things.


Finally, we have to talk about Colombia, whose video has been the winner in the category "People Choice”Thanks to the votes made on social networks and on the organization's websites. The video, titled "Colombia is Magical Realism Ad", shows us some of the many wonders that we can find in the South American country.

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