The roller coaster that breaks 10 world records

Are you a lover of adrenaline and strong emotions? Then you should not miss what we tell you today! And we are going to talk about what is possibly the most terrifying attraction in the world, although it is true that it will not open to the public until next year. We are referring to Valravn, a roller coaster located in the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio, United States, that can boast of breaking 10 world records. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it!

The attraction, which is expected to open in May next year, has been created by one of the most important roller coaster designer companies of the moment: Bolliger & Mabillard. The Shambhala and Dragon Khan of Port Aventura, for example, are his work. What you can do now if you are very clear that you are going to try it is to book a ticket for the opening through the website of the amusement park. Fancy discovering more details about this spectacular attraction? Well, be very attentive to what we tell you next!

More than surprising details

The roller coaster that we show you today is located in the Cedar Point park of Sandusky, in Ohio (United States), and has been baptized as Valravn, a name that comes from Danish mythology. In fact, Valravn was a crow that became gentleman after eating a child's heart. The best thing about this attraction is that it combines everything that rollercoaster fans love about this type of attraction: vertical drop, inversions, long haul ... Of course, one of the most surprising details may be the computerized system that allows , before the first fall, the attraction stops for 4 seconds, which will create an impressive feeling of anxiety in the passengers.


World records

As we told you in the title, Valvravn has broken no more and no less than 10 world records. The most notable are that it is the roller coaster with the highest vertical drop (68 meters), which in turn is also the highest speed (121 km / h); the vertical investment roller coaster with the most investments (3); or the highest investment in this type of roller coaster. In these world records we also include those that Cedar Point has broken, which has become the amusement park with the most attractions (72) and the most roller coasters over 61 meters high (5), among other records.


The highest roller coaster in the world

Of course, although many media have reported that it is also the highest mountain in the world, the truth is that it is not true, since the attraction that holds this record is Kingda Ka of the Six Flags Great Adventure park, a roller coaster that also has the honor of being the attraction with the highest free fall, although in this case in spiral. We give you more information about this spectacular attraction in our article: "The highest roller coaster in the world".


The attraction video

Then we leave you with the video Cedar Point has prepared for adrenaline lovers to open bites. Thanks to it, you can take a virtual tour of the roller coaster, being able to see with your own eyes everything we just told you. And although the sensation when viewing the images will not be anywhere near that you can experience uploaded in the attraction, the truth is that it is worth seeing them to get an idea of ​​what one will be able to find.

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