A walk to the Florida Keys

The Keys are islands that are south florida and that they are connected by more than 20 bridges. Key West is the southernmost point of the United States and is the end of this trip that takes place almost as if you were on the water, because when you go down that road, not too wide, on both sides of the road you only see the sea. There are enough hours of car that are worth doing because both the journey, with spectacular landscapes, and the destination, are impressive. Will you accompany me

Closer to Cuba than Miami

Key West, or Key West, is closer to Cuba than Miami. During its history this island was a refuge for fishermen and pirates, for those who were looking for treasures and also for those who were repudiated from their places of origin. A walk through this place allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of Duval Street, its main street, with shops, museums and nice houses, from its beaches and possibly one of the most photographed sites, the giant buoy that marks the southernmost point of the country, where Florida ends and welcomes the Caribbean. With Cuba on the other side.


Tropical atmosphere

The walk through Key West gives us a very tropical atmosphere and even with certain bohemian airs. Perhaps an inheritance, among many other things, that the writer Ernest Hemingway lived in this place. From the Mallory Square Pier it is possible to enjoy a unique sunset while various artists liven up this moment.

A journey between the sea

As I was saying before, the road to South Florida is also something worth living. Road US1 Overseas Highway elapses over some spectacular waters and crosses these islands offering unforgettable images. The kind you have to see with your own eyes.

To open your mouth, here I leave you with some photographs. Do you fancy this ride?

Key West Florida Walking Tour High Definition 2018 (April 2021)

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