The most unfaithful countries in the world

We distance ourselves from what has been the editorial line of Hard Hobbit To Break to publish a rather curious article. It is about infidelities and it is based on the studies and the polls that it has elaborated The Richest, that from a series of surveys has been able to reach a conclusion with which we can more or less agree.

Do you think Spain is in the list with the ten countries more unfaithful? Check it out below!

Top Ten

1- Thailand: 56%
2- Denmark: 46%
3- Italy: 45%
4- Germany: 45%
5- France: 43%
6- Norway: 41%
7- Belgium: 40%
8- Spain: 39%
9- United Kingdom: 36%
10- Finland: 36%


Thailand He is the undisputed leader for a very clear reason. Sex tourism is highly exploited and is the place where more transvestites can be found per square meter. There they are known as "ladyboys" ("kathoeys" for the Thais) and have come to confuse more than one Iberian male. It is not difficult to see them serving drinks in night bars, but you can also find them in travel agencies, perfume shops or restaurants. Since most people have breast surgery, you can sometimes be upset when it's too late. Perhaps they are to blame for the rate of infidelity being the highest on the planet.

I'm surprised by the second position of Denmark. I thought that in the Nordic countries they had fewer temptations of this type, but apparently they are not an isolated case. Norway and Finland also appear.

Italy, as the quintessential Mediterranean country with Spain and Greece, occupies the third position with the same percentage as Germany. There's a lot of Casanova out there on the loose.

France is fifth. There are too many affaires extra marriages because of the wine, the beach, the cheese and the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. Too many ingredients that invite you to sin and say je t’aime with the mouth half closed.

In seventh position is Belgium. Rare? Not at all. There is a fact that explains everything. Gleeden, a dating portal for people with a partner that tries to attract clients at all costs, has a database with a million users. It is 10% of the country's population, so ...

Spain It is in an eighth position that we should not be proud of. It is 39% that does not fit with the Catholic tradition of our country, although to tell the truth there are fewer and fewer people hooked on religion.

infidelity 2
Farewell to British Puritanism as we meet the United Kingdom in the ninth position. There are not so many gentlemans as we believe and the ladies they don't behave too well either. They are above the European average.

To finish, say that in Finland they do not believe in infidelities. They see parallel relationships as normal and consider it a positive experience. So it seems strange to me that only 36% are associated with them.

The Most Unfaithful Countries I World (April 2021)

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