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Although it is good for all of us to stop working for a few days, the truth is that holidays are not the same if they are spent at home. Yes, we already know that the majority of the economy is not for trips to distant countries or for stays in five-star hotels, but there are many ways to enjoy summer (and other times of the year) away from home and at a good price. One of the best is to go camping. Of course, we do not mean glamping, which have become so fashionable in recent times (we will tell you about them in our article “The best luxury campsites in the world«), but to campsites of a lifetime.

In Catalonia, for example, you can find a lot of campsites where you can enjoy both a long vacation and a short break. Some are located on the coast and others in the interior, but from any of them you can get to know this wonderful autonomous community. Today in Hard Hobbit To Break We will tell you about the cheapest ones. Do you want to meet them?

Camping l’illa

Camping lilla
One of the cheapest campsites in all of Catalonia is Camping L’illa, which is located in Saint Quirze Safaja, specifically 40 kilometers from Barcelona. Located in the middle of the mountain, next to the Tenes river and Sant Miquel de Fai, it is characterized by its familiar and cozy atmosphere. In addition to offering comfortable facilities and the necessary services for a complete stay, it allows multiple excursions. It is important to note that it is open 11 months a year.

Camping Els Pins

Camping Els Pins
Also in Barcelona we find the Camping Els Pins. Specifically, it is located on the outskirts of Malgrat de Mar, a coastal town very frequented by tourists in summer, very close to the La Tordera River Delta, a space of great natural wealth. As for the camping, it offers all the necessary services to spend a pleasant stay, whether in a bungalow, tent or caravan. It is closed from November 15 to February 2.

Cadí Vacances

Cadi Vacances
From the province of Barcelona we moved to Lleida, where you can also find quite cheap campsites. One of the cheapest is Cadí Vacances, which will allow you to spend a quiet and family stay. Located in the Pyrenean village of Gósol, allows you to carry out different activities, such as hiking trails, canyoning or horse riding. In addition to being able to settle in tents, caravans, motorhomes and mobile-homes, the campsite offers bungalows and a rural house.

Camping L’Àmfora

Lamfora camping
Also in Girona you can find cheap campsites. One of the cheapest is Camping l’Àmfora, which is located in the bay of Roses-Sant Pere Pescador, in the wonderful Costa Brava. The best thing about this place, without a doubt, is that it has direct access to the beach. Of course, we must not forget that it offers magnificent facilities and first class services. You can stay in a tent, caravan, motorhome, wooden bungalows, apartments and mobile-homes.

L'Espelt Vacation Center

Lespelt camping
Camping l’Espelt is a tourist complex located in the Catalan Pyrenees, specifically in Berga. It is a privileged place surrounded by mountains from which to enjoy nature. It is the ideal place to enjoy both summer, with its river and pool, and winter, thanks to the snow.

Camping Repòs del Pedraforca

Camping Repos del Pedraforca
Finally, we want to tell you about Camping Repòs del Pedraforca, which is located in the town of Saldes, in the Berguedà region, at the foot of Pedraforca and next to the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, in other words, surrounded by nature and surrounded by mountains. It is a family camping where you can do many activities, highlighting hiking. It is open all year.

Costa Brava campsite - Cypsela Resort - Camping Pals - Catalonia (August 2020)

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