Honeymoon in Kenya

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Why not bet on Africa to enjoy a Honeymoon different? The United States, the Maldives, Thailand or the Caribbean are too typical destinations, so I encourage you to visit a country as virgin as Kenya for a few days that you will surely never forget.

Wedding celebrations of all kinds

For celebrating, you can even celebrate the wedding right there. You have a choice of a bush safari-style celebration, an amazing country house reception on the slopes of Mount Kenya, a tropical party on an Indian Ocean beach, and even a Masai celebration diving into the Masai Mara reserve.

The Masai ceremony

Everything will depend on what adventurous that you are. If you opt for a wedding in the purest Masai style, the bride will have to prepare for a long ceremony. The women will place themselves around her and wrap her with colored towels, while using all kinds of precious stones to decorate her, especially those that are white.

Once prepared, you can put on your shoes to grab the fimbo, which is the stick they use for grazing. The father will give his blessing by spitting a stream of milk on his forehead. Yes yes, you read correctly.

If the girlfriend has doubts and decides to back down after all that, she risks becoming a stone, or at least that's what the Masai say.

More than one woman will give you goats and calves while she goes to her future husband's house, who will wait for him cooking grilled goat meat. Other women will be cooking a mixture of eggs and chapati flour that will be tasted during the banquet.

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When the bride has entered the groom's house, he will offer her a pumpkin with sour milk what should you drink. It is clear that in the Masai culture a pumpkin does not have the same meaning as giving someone a pumpkin.

Luxury in abundance

After all this the honeymoon will begin, which in Kenya can be everything luxurious you want. There are some of the most popular establishments on the African continent, which at the same time allow you to enjoy a safari, a golf day or a spa with all the comforts of the world.

Very intimate evenings

The romanticism It also has a hole during a Kenyan honeymoon. There are corners with movie sunsets and landscapes of unsurpassed beauty. You will feel like on another planet, sharing unforgettable moments with total privacy and witnessing a clean sky full of stars. That before sleeping, because when you wake up there is nothing like starting the day with a complete breakfast surrounded by the fauna and flora of the place.

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Exciting sports

If yours is the sport and strong emotions, it is good that you know that you can go rafting on the mighty Tana river, ride a camel or pedal a bike among herds of zebras. In fact, you can even fly over the savanna in a hot air balloon.

A bath of tranquility

To finish, say that the honeymoon may be under water. Why? Well, because its 500 kilometers of coastline are an attraction powerful enough to look the other way. You can discover vestiges of ancient civilizations, dive in seabed with coral reefs unique in the world or compete with the excursion in dhow for two before breakfast on a tropical island where they bring you breakfast right under a palm tree.

It looks good, right?

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