The most beautiful towns in southern Spain

The number of times you have considered the possibility of going on a route through the south of Spain, truth? There are many reasons that push us to travel there, such as the salt shaker of the Andalusians or the good weather that it usually does, which added to the fact that there are beautiful beaches make it an ideal vacation destination.

In this article I am going to talk about the towns that IMHO are the most beautiful in the south of the country. Surely if you visit them you fall in love with them and recommend them to your friends. Shall we start with the list?

Zahara de la Sierra (Cádiz)

From beautiful castle You can contemplate the waters of a reservoir that can boast of being a spectacle for its privileged location. That, together with its white houses, explain why it has been declared a Historic Artistic Site. You cannot miss the church of Santa María de la Mesa, the walls of the medieval town or the Clock Tower. All this strolling through its alleys and tasting delicacies such as almond and cinnamon sweets.

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Alájar (Huelva)

In the Sierra de Aracena, in a place that is not easily reached, Alájar is a tourist attraction for the beauty of their houses and streets, which as you can guess are rather narrow. The hermitage of Our Lady of the Angels will powerfully attract your attention, although what will really catch you is the Iberian ham that is served in those parts.

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Frijiliana (Malaga)

In Axarquía there are beautiful towns, but it is probable that none of them reach the level of Frijiliana. You have to prepare to climb slopes, but you also have to prepare your camera to photograph its streets, adorned with plants like geraniums that are drawing the path of the stairs at ground level. There you will see the only factory of cane honey that exists throughout Europe, which is quite an experience because you can witness how it is made by hand.

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Zuheros (Córdoba)

In Córdoba we find Zuheros, which has an Arab castle and all the essence of the Andalusian town. Cobblestone streets, olive trees, eighteenth-century mansions ... You don't want to leave there, and less when you know that there is the Bat Cave, an archaeological site worth seeing live and direct. On the other hand, you will have a stone's throw from the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas.

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Casares (Malaga)

Here we also come across a castle of Arab origin that coexists with the Church of the Incarnation. Its white houses are easy to recognize from kilometers away, among other things because the town is on the slopes of a hill, with a certain height and with the odd street that is not easily traveled at 35 degrees temperature.

Cazorla (Jaén)

It is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia by far. The Jaénians know this and enjoy it by inviting us to visit the Sierra de Cazorla and to practice adventure sports. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that the belt around it coincides with the source of the Guadalquivir river.

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Mojácar (Almería)

The privileged views Mojácar offers well deserve a photography session. On a very high and steep rock you can see the sea and the mountains, a sight to behold that blends with the white houses of the town. Its streets are narrow, the squares are a haven of peace and its two viewpoints, the Plaza Nueva and the Mirador del Castillo, two points of interest that must be marked in red.

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Carmona (Seville)

We ended up in Seville, specifically in the town of Carmona. They call him the star of Europe, although in reality it is not convenient to look at the sky, but rather at its terraces. In the blink of an eye you get used to the relaxed rhythm of life that Carmonians propose, so you end up sitting with a beer and a cap enjoying life. Palaces, churches, convents, museums ... It is one of those towns that has practically everything.

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