Hunawihr, a tale in Alsace

Entering a fairytale town is immersing yourself in a magical atmosphere. It's what happens when you get to Hunawihr, located in Alsace, where you will find houses from the 16th century, many colors, flowers, romanticism in the environment, unique buildings, dreamy landscapes ... It is a place where you can discover examples of defensive religious architecture, those of which there are few left. We enter this beautiful town, recognized as such by the association Les plus beaux villages de France. It is not for less.

Alsace Wine Route

Hunawihr belongs to the municipality of Ribeauvillé Colmar-Ribeauville, and is located on the side of a narrow valley, in the lower part of the Alsatian wine route. That is why its environment also manages to create a spectacular landscape, surrounded by vineyards, with all the beauty that this confers on any place. Once inside the town you find wooden houses, color and elegance in all its corners.

Hunawihr houses

Fortified cemetery

As an example of religious defensive architecture, Hunawihr has a fortified cemetery. Its church dates from the 15th century, it served as a dungeon and refuge from the attacks suffered by the people and is surrounded by this fortification. In addition, it is possible to contemplate the church clock that pays homage to the vine with the decoration of its hands. From the church you can also enjoy spectacular views towards the lower part of the village, to the hills and to the vineyards.

A very characteristic architecture

The houses of the Hunawihr winegrowers have narrow courtyards that face the street and are decorated with half-timbered and window and door frames also of material, something that gives great beauty and warmth to these buildings. The town hall is from the 16th century with a Renaissance style and you can also visit its 17th century fountain.

Half Timbered Houses and Fairy Tales (February 2023)

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